Rescuers free a cat whose head was stuck inside a jar for three whole days!

Time was of the essence for a cat whose head had been stuck in a jar for three days. Thankfully, rescuers from Bedford Cares trap-neuter-return program were able to safely free the cat before it was too late.

The stray tabby was found with its head caught in a jar and the cat, who was later named PBJ, was unable to drink or eat while he was stuck.

He is believed to have had that jar on his head for three days. Rescuers said this left him in “extreme danger.” According to Veterinarian Dr. Claudine Sievert, a cat can last without food for two weeks as long as they have water. But without water, a cat can only survive three to four days.


Dr. Sievert told The Dodo:

β€œIt’s important to emphasize that if a cat goes for two days without food, it’ll become malnourished and unwell,”

Unlike dogs and humans, a cat’s liver cannot support their bodies, so the process can start soon. If starvation continues, its organs will begin to shut down.”

Neighbors in the area tried to catch the petrified and starving cat but were unable to do so. They then called in the professionals at Bedford Cares. Bedford Cares, based in Bedford, Virginia, was determined to help this sweet creature who found himself in trouble.

One of their trappers, Janice Goff Stevens, was on the case and drove an hour to Altavista to try and catch the cat, thankfully Stevens was successful.

Knowing that time was a factor, Stevens rushed PBJ to the Spay and Neuter Clinic in Evington. Their staff was able to carefully remove the jar from the cat’s head without shattering the glass or injuring PBJ. Bedford Cares wrote on their Facebook page:

“Bedford Cares is super-proud of Janice and the happy ending for PBJ,”

Headed home

The organization called Stevens a “trapper extraordinaire!” There were loads of people who were very thankful to Stevens and the clinic for saving PBJ’s life. One Facebook commenter said:

“Janice Goff Stevens how in the world did you trap her since she probably couldn’t smell? I heard about this cat and was so glad she had a happy ending! You’re a hero! May God bless you!”

PBJ was neutered and got some well-deserved rest at the clinic. After he healed and was healthy enough to go home, PBJ was brought back to Altavista and released close to where he was found.

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