Toothless is a tiny black rescue cat with feline dwarfism

Toothless was rescued when her owner Brad was out with his kids at a gas station and they saw a little cat in the middle of a parking lot. She was tiny, feral, and had fleas and worms.

Clearly she didn’t have a home and Brad shared:

“She probably wouldn’t have survived the winter if we hadn’t caught her…”

Brad brought the small cat back home with his kids and immediately they all knew something was different with the cat.

Pint sized

Toothless’s jaw is smaller, her legs are shorter, and even her paws are rounder than that of a normal cat.And even though she was most likely several months old when they found her, she never grew much bigger!

Toothless has feline dwarfism, a genetic condition that stunts the physical growth of the cat effected. Cats with this condition have undersized and disproportionate bodies.

They usually have normal sized torsos but disproportionately short and thick legs and a large head, although Toothless’s body is also very small she does have very stout back legs and her head is quite big for the rest of her body.

Her rounded paws and small lower jaw also point to stunted growth.

A normal sized black cat sleeping beside a small black cat a fraction of their size
Seeing Toohtless beside her normal sized sibling shows just how tiny she is! Pic credit: @toothlessdwarfkitty/Instagram.

Unfortunately, there is a lot that is not yet known about feline dwarfism so the best thing for Toothless’s owners to do was to just make she she is as healthy as can be.

And thankfully, she doesn’t have any problems resulting from her small stature.

A small black cat lays asleep with her owner's hand resting on her belly
Her owners hand resting on her belly nearly covers her whole body! Pic credit: @toothlessdwarfkitty/Instagram.

Tiny ball of energy

Despite her small size she doesn’t let that stop her from behaving like any other cat.

She chases bugs, loves to play with hair ties, and get a regular dose of the ‘zoomies’.

Brad and his wife Brittney have made adjustments to their home for her too, because her size means she can’t get around as easily as a normal-sized cat.

They’ve placed stairs all around the house so she can climb up places she wants to go to with ease, and got her a harness for some supervised play time outside.

Toothless is being well looked after by her new family, her fans are grateful to them for rescuing this adorable little kitty!

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