Science says that there are four ways to tell if your cat loves you

Do you question whether or not your cat actually loves you? Science says you no longer have to.

An article in Scientific American says that there are four ways to tell if your cat loves you.

Look out for scenting

Does your cat rub its head or side against you? That is your cat telling you that you are someone they care for.

This is because cats have scent glands on their flanks, head, and in the area around their ears. When they rub these parts against you, it means they are marking you with their scent.

Cats mark things that are special to them since they use scent to identify their family members or their social group.

Observe how they greet you

It’s pretty obvious when a cat doesn’t want to greet you. But when they do want you to move closer, there are a few telltale signs.

Cats will hold their tale in an upright position, like a flagpole. Sometimes the tip will bend into a question mark shape.

This shows that they are being friendly. It’s basically the cat equivalent of waving. It’s meant as a show of affection.

Flopping over and showing you their belly is another show of trust. Cats like getting pet on their head and neck the best. So, when they ask for belly rubs, you know it’s because they love and trust you.

Are they blinking?

When a cat is displeased with you, it will give you an ice-cold stare. Conversely, a cat is said to blink slowly at those it wants to show affection to.

It’s similar to a human smiling. So, feel free to blink back to return the favor. Your cat will understand what it means.

Getting up close and personal

Cats are big on their personal space. If they let you in their bubble, that means that you are their people. If snuggles are frequent or long-lasting, then they are very fond of you.

Cats will also show their affection and trust by curling up in your lap. Curling up on you shows that they feel safe being vulnerable around you.

Do you get little kitty kisses? If your cat licks your hand or face, this is kind of a big deal. It’s a massive show of endearment that only happens between cats who really care for each other.

This means that your cat loves you enough to groom you. You can read the original article in The Conversation here.

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