Cat trying to hop into cars at McDonald’s finally hitches a ride with a nice family

An abandoned orange tabby was hitchhiking and figured the best place to catch a ride would be in a fast food restaurant’s parking lot. The cat was more than lucky to hop into the car of someone who could help her find a forever home.

That someone was Alex da Ponte. She went through the drive-through at a local McDonald’s with her son and noticed an orange cat trying to get into people’s cars.

The cat was wearing a collar, so she wasn’t sure if the cat belonged to someone nearby. It didn’t take her long to realize that the cat was solo.

Hitching a ride

da Ponte pulled out of the drive-through and parked in a parking spot to observe the cat.

She watched it try to commandeer the vehicles of two different families who were able to shoo the cat away. No one wanted to deal with a stray cat in their car.

Seeing this cat be rejected not once but twice broke da Ponte’s heart. So, she decided to help the cat.

“No one else was helping her, and she clearly needed help. She was desperate to get into a car,” da Ponte told The Dodo.

The cat immediately ran over to da Ponte when she called out to it. The cat was relieved to have found the people she had been searching for all night.

“She was eager to get out of that parking lot,” da Ponte said. “She was completely at ease in the car.”

The kitty hopped right up onto the seat, which is exactly was da Ponte’s son decided to name the cat. Seats snuggled right up to the boy and enjoyed exploring his new surroundings in the car.

Seats immediately made herself one of the family and snatched a french fry when everyone was getting ready to eat. The family had become pretty smitten with Seats.

Final destinations

Seats settled in well to the da Ponte household, but it wouldn’t be her forever home. da Ponte’s house was at “max capacity,” so she reached out on Facebook to see if anyone could foster the cat.

“I cannot keep her, so I need somewhere safe to take her asap. She is currently closed in my walk-in shower with food and water,” she wrote on Facebook.

The neighbors offered to foster Seats and wound up adopting her outright.

“They foster failed big time and have adopted her,” da Ponte said. “So Seats is now our neighbor!”

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