Senior cat adoption program provides love and companionship for aging seniors and their feline counterparts

Last year at a pet adoption event in northern Virginia, young kittens received all the attention. In contrast, the senior cats were largely passed over.

Unfortunately, this is not uncommon. For various reasons, many people avoid adopting senior cats. 

Seniors need love too.

Unlike a new kitten, older cats may or may not have health issues and have more years behind them than in front of them. Despite these reasons, a senior cat makes for a great companion.

Older cats have established personalities and set in their ways. Senior cats may have grayed fur here and there and may not possess the bountiful energy like young kittens but still need loving homes.

Cathy Awad, Fancy Cats Rescue Team founder, recognizes the value senior cats can bring to others with her program, Senior Cats for Senior Laps.

According to their website

“Our Senior Cats for Senior Laps program places senior cats who are 7 years old with senior citizens who are 65+ years old. We waive the adoption fees for adopters who participate in the program.”  

senior cat
Friendly12-year old senior cat Riley awaits his forever home. Pic Credit:@CBS News/Website

Her rescue team has placed more than 15,000 cats in homes. Approximately 56 shelters in 35 states currently offer such programs for senior pets.

Senior pets face complex challenges as they get older, aside from aging and health issues. In many cases, their owner surrenders them due to their inability to care for them. 

In other cases, the cat’s owner passes away, and no one can care for them. 

Circumstances are beyond their control, and senior cats do not adapt well in shelters. They are often passed over for the cute, cuddly impressionable kittens.

Hope for senior cats

Senior Cats for Senior Laps is changing the landscape of pet adoption for senior pets. As senior citizens age, they desire companionship and love most.

Adopting an older cat can fill that void. The benefit is mutual as the senior cats not only find a safe place to call home; they get a second chance at life with a loving owner.

senior tabby cat
Senior cat available for adoption. PIc Credit:@CBS News/Website

Benefits of senior cat adoption

Additional benefits of adopting a senior pet include:

  • Elder cats help their owner improve their mental and physical health.
  • Senior cats relieve stress and lower blood pressure.
  • Older cats help lift mood and reduce depression.
  • Senior cats provide companionship.
  • Senior cats know how to use the litterbox.
  • Older cats possess a calmer temperament suitable for a senior’s lifestyle. 
  • Senior cats provide unconditional love and gratitude.

Wrap up

The Senior Cats for Senior Laps program is changing lives two at a time. You can learn more about the program and see which cats are available for adoption by visiting their website.

senior woman pets cat
Senior Bonnie Paul has five senior cats. Pic Credit:@CBS News/Website

Did this story resonate with you? Have you adopted a senior cat before?

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