This calico cat was rescued from a gas station in a bad neighborhood

This cat was found wandering around a gas station. Thankfully, a kind person took the cat home where it would be safe.

This person posted about the cat on Reddit to share its story. He found it at a gas station and decided to take it home because he was worried it would get hurt if it stayed out for much longer. He explained that it wasn’t the best area for a cat to wander around, since some people run over or shoot cats for fun. It’s a terrible thing, and this person didn’t want it to happen to this cat.

A rare cat?

Once the cat was in a safer place, its rescuer tried to find out if it had an owner. He wasn’t able to find a microchip, and there was no ID on the cat’s collar. He sent out announcements and flyers around the neighborhood, but no one responded.

The person wasn’t sure if the cat was a male or female. The vet that he took it to said it was a male. But when this person shared their story on Reddit, other users commented about how unlikely it was that the cat was male, since it was a calico. Most calico cats are female, and male ones are extremely rare.

So had this person found a super rare cat? Not really. After figuring out some more information, the person who had rescued the gas station cat decided that she was most likely female.

The cat wasn’t rare, but she was still very sweet. The person who had rescued her took care of her and fed her well. He decided to call her Jinora.

Man holding calico cat
Jinora and her rescuer. Pic credit: u/Constant-Sandwich-88/Reddit

A safe place for the “fugitive”

The rescuer hoped that he would be able to find Jinora’s owners and that she could return to her real family. But if she had to stay for a while, or if her family didn’t step forward, he was still ready to help her. He said:

“Until then, or if never, she’s got a nice place to chill. I already have two dogs and another cat, so [I’m] set up to harbor a fugitive for a bit.”

This “fugitive” must be very grateful for all the hospitality! We’re so glad that this beautiful calico kitty found someone who would keep her safe and help her out.

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