Cat shelter Tuffy's Place cares for older cats

Woman in Afton runs retirement home for 25 senior cats

A generous woman transformed a trailer in a feline sanctuary for aging cats. In her Acton, New York home, Isabela Nieves cares for twenty-five senior cats. Nieves’ late ex-husband Dominic DiNapoli founded Tuffy’s Place in Yonkers in 1996. He then moved to the south and continued cat rescuing with Nieves’ help. Before he died in … Read more

cats in cages pet adoption event

Senior cat adoption program provides love and companionship for aging seniors and their feline counterparts

Last year at a pet adoption event in northern Virginia, young kittens received all the attention. In contrast, the senior cats were largely passed over. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon. For various reasons, many people avoid adopting senior cats.  Seniors need love too. Unlike a new kitten, older cats may or may not have health … Read more

lost cat and owner reunited

The reunion of an Italian grandmother with her cat, who disappeared for four years, is very moving

A senior citizen lost both her home and her cat when an earthquake struck her Italian hometown in 2018.  Past the initial confusion of the natural disaster, the woman named Dora had spent years seeking her cat, but she had not been successful in finding it. After a quest that lasted for four years, Dora … Read more

This woman and her 19-year-old cat are soulmates – she’s taking care of him until the very end

Kuschel is a 19-year old cat from Germany who is living out his retirement years with his soulmate and owner, Leoni. Leoni has had Kuschel since she was four-years-old, and they’ve rarely spent a night apart since. “As soon as he was with us in the car, I completely fell in love with him.” Leoni … Read more

woman and cat sitting together by a tree

A granddaughter adopts her deceased grandfather’s cat, then creates a clever plan to help rehome cats in need.

In a heartwarming video on YouTube, a woman named Angela Rafuse recounts the time when she returned to live at home with her parents in Canada. At the end of 2019, her grandfather became ill and unable to care for his fourteen-year-old senior cat Mackenzie. Faced with the possibility of living her final years in … Read more

A calico cat looking up at the lens.

Animal Rescue Center goes to great lengths to find a home for a cat being separated from their elderly owner

Having to part ways with a beloved one is a choice that no one wants to make! However, this is the horrific experience that some elderly people must experience when they go to a retirement home. An elderly lady is currently facing this dilemma. The woman has to relocate in September but refuses to leave … Read more

A tortoiseshell cat looks at the camera.

Queen Lily is a 23-year-old calico beauty, who still lives with her owner who adopted her when he was 11

Reece Alexander-Putinas has had his senior cat Lily since his family adopted her in 1999, for Reece, Queen Lily is his soulmate. She has been by his side since he was 11 years old. They have been together through all of life’s ups and downs and are each other’s, constant companions. The royal treatment It’s … Read more