Stressed shelter kitten learns to yell in her foster home

This kitten was nervous when she was living in the shelter, but when she moved into her foster home, she found her voice and had a lot to say.

Overwhelmed in the shelter

Sushi was a cute black kitten who had been living at an animal shelter for about a month. She was a friendly cat who had been socialized well by the staff and volunteers at the shelter.

But the shelter was not the best place for her personality to come out. It was loud and crowded, and she was too overwhelmed. It would be difficult for her to get adopted because she was always hiding in the back of her kennel.

Hoa, a kitten foster mom for Waggytail Rescue, learned about Sushi’s situation and decided to help her. She took Sushi to her foster home.

While she had lived in the shelter, Sushi had been known as Matilda, but Hoa renamed her Sushi to match the names of two other kittens she took in around the same time, Wasabi and Unagi.

Black kitten in cardboard box
Sushi spent most of her time hiding at first. Pic credit: @whisker_land/Instagram

Sushi finds her voice

When Sushi arrived at her foster home, she fit in immediately. She was so much happier away from the noise and confusion of the shelter. She enjoyed her new bed and was very sweet and friendly.

As Sushi got more comfortable, she also learned how to yell. She became a very vocal kitten with the loudest meows, and she wasn’t afraid to be the front and center of attention. She had already changed so much, no longer hiding like she used to.

Soon, Sushi was available for adoption. In the announcement on her Instagram page, Hoa said:

“Sushi is available for adoption…if anyone is interested in getting yelled at every day.”

That was certainly a tempting offer! Because Sushi was so fun and sweet, Hoa was certain that she would be adopted soon.


Sure enough, in only a few days Sushi already had someone who wanted to adopt her. Clearly they were fine with getting yelled at. Maybe they even loved it. Sushi’s talkativeness was definitely part of her charm.

Hoa was so glad to see that Sushi was happy. She said:

“Our time together was short but we’ve had a lot of meaningful conversations and you will be missed. You’re such a sweet and funny girl and your family is so lucky to have you.”

After being so scared and nervous in the shelter, Sushi is now a confident kitty with a lot to say. She’s sure to have plenty of good conversations in her new forever home.

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