Smokey the stylish cat has the perfect Halloween costume

Smokey is a very stylish cat. He loves to dress up to look his best, and he even dresses up for Halloween. Just wait until you see his costume for this year!

A distinguished gentleman

Smokey is a cat with lots of style! He can usually be seen wearing a bow tie in his fabulous pictures on Reddit. He is such a dapper little gentleman, and he pulls them off so well.

Not only does he have great style, but he is also very photogenic. He has great posture and looks like the most distinguished gentleman.

Someone even commented on one of his pictures, saying that he looked like a scholar. His owner responded, saying:

“He has his meowsters. He’s working on his doctor of purrosophy.”

He looks so distinguished, we wouldn’t be surprised if that were true! We’re looking forward to all the scholarly work done by Dr. Smokey.

Bandana model

Smokey also models cat bandanas. His owner said that she has a coworker who makes them. To show his appreciation, and how great he looks in them, Smokey wears them and poses for the camera. He’s a perfect meowdel.

According to his owner, he has “a plethora of tiny bandanas.” So adorable! We’re sure he looks great in all of them.

Gray cat with a purple K-State bandana
Smokey models an adorable bandana. Pic credit: u/HistoryCat42/Reddit

Halloween styles

Smokey also loves to dress up to celebrate the season. At the beginning of October, he added a new Halloween bow tie to his collection. It makes him look very spooky and very dashing!

Gray cat wearing a Halloween print bow tie
Smokey shows his Halloween spirit with a dashing bow tie. Pic credit: u/HistoryCat42/Reddit

There are some accessories that Smokey doesn’t like as much, like his Halloween pumpkin hat. When his owner put it on him, he got very grumpy. Maybe it’s just not his style.

Gray cat wearing pumpkin hat
Smokey doesn’t think this pumpkin hat is his style. Pic credit: u/HistoryCat42/Reddit

Smokey’s Halloween costume

For the day of Halloween, Smokey dressed up as a stylish Starbucks barista, or, as his owner calls him, a “purrista.”

He looks so cute in his little apron, standing next to his little “Purrbucks” coffee with his name on it.

Gray cat wearing Starbucks barista Halloween costume
Smokey makes a very stylish “purrista.” Pic credit: u/HistoryCat42/Reddit

Both Smokey’s owner and her mom have been baristas before, so that’s what inspired her when she was deciding what Smokey would be for Halloween. We think it’s the perfect outfit. Smokey’s really carrying on the family tradition!

Although Smokey is a very polite gentleman, he wouldn’t tolerate any rudeness while on the job. His owner said:

“Smokey will happily vomit or poop on any rude customers. He wants his purrista friends to be happy.”

Smokey makes one great purrista. It’s no surprise that he can pull almost anything off, since he’s such a handsome kitty!

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