Tiny malnourished kitten rescued after being found sleeping in a sock

This kitten was sleeping in a sock and only being fed 2% milk. She was in desperate need of help. Fortunately, someone stepped up and took the responsibility to save her.

Kitten in a sock

According to this person, she found the kitten at a party. The host had been trying to take care of her, but it wasn’t enough.

The kitten didn’t have a mother, as far as the people knew. The host didn’t have any cat food, so they were trying to feed her with 2% milk. She was tiny, and she was sleeping inside a sock as a bed.

2% milk was not the proper diet for this poor kitten. Kittens aren’t able to digest cow milk very well, so she was still malnourished. She was dangerously skinny and frail. Her rescuer said:

“I can feel all her bones, like every bump in her spine and hips, so obviously I’m worried about her.”

Kitten cuddles

Even though the kitten was in poor shape, she was still a sweetheart. Her rescuer described her:

“Very sweet and chatty. Loves to cuddle.”

No one knew how she had come to be all alone, but it was clear that she had lived a difficult life so far. She was in need of love and cuddles, and her rescuer was happy to provide that for her.

How old?

Once the host of the party gave the kitten’s rescuer permission to take her, she planned on bringing her to the vet as soon as possible the next morning. There, an expert could help identify the kitten’s age, suggest what foods she needed, and check her to make sure she was healthy and disease-free.

In the meantime, the kitten’s rescuer posted the story on Reddit and asked the community for help identifying the kitten’s age.

People responded, estimating that the poor thing was somewhere between 4-8 weeks old. She was not a newborn, but still too young to be out on her own.

Squeaky Fiesta

The kitten’s rescuer decided to give her a name. She called her Fiesta, because she had found her at a party.

Fiesta is such a survivor. She may have been through a lot, but she still has plenty of spunk and the cutest meow.

People who commented on the post said that she sounded like an old door creaking on its hinges. One commenter said:

“Couple drops of lubricant on the hinges and she’ll be good.”

Others said that she probably lost her voice from meowing so much. Since she wasn’t with her mother and needed someone to help her, she was probably meowing for attention.

The commenters thanked this person for rescuing such a sweet kitten, and they hoped that she would get better and become a happy, healthy kitten with a place to call home.

The rescuer promised to give an update. Until then, we wish Fiesta the best of luck and lots of love!

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