Cat got sick eating kitten food and his owner helped him break the habit

Cat owners are always on the lookout for cat food that will work for their cat and keep them from getting upset stomachs. But sometimes cats just decide to eat what they want, even if it isn’t good for them. This cat started eating the kitten food that was meant for his little kitten sister. His owner had to intervene so he wouldn’t get sick.

Kitten food

Orion is a pretty stubborn kitty. When he decided to eat his little sister’s kitten food, he wouldn’t change his mind. When he started getting sick, his owner had to work hard to get him to stop.

His owner posted about her cat’s food troubles on Reddit. She explained that he had decided to stop eating his own food and start stealing the kitten’s food instead.

Orion is a good big kitty brother to Corybant, the kitten. They like to play and do everything together. Apparently, Orion also thought that was an open invitation to even eat the same food as his little sister.

Not for grown cats!

Maybe he thought it tasted better than his own food. Unfortunately, the kitten’s food was not meant for a grown cat like Orion. His owner said:

“This led to several days of stomach upset and him not feeling like eating.”

She was in contact with the vet, but the vet told her she didn’t have to bring him in unless it got very serious and he stopped drinking water.

Thankfully, he continued to drink water throughout the days of his stomach sickness, but his owner was still worried about him until he started feeling better.

Breaking the habit

Even after recovering, Orion hadn’t really learned his lesson. His owner said:

“And what did he try this morning? He tried to go straight back for the kitten food.”

His owner had learned to be more careful. She had started to feed them in separate rooms. Orion tried to sneak in anyway when she gave the kitten her food.

But his owner acted quickly, picking him up and carrying him to the other room where his food was. She was not going to let any of Orion’s stomach troubles happen again.

Thankfully, after several rough days with an upset stomach and refusing to eat, Orion is back to eating his regular food and is feeling much better.

We’re glad that his owner helped him get better and got him to stop eating the kitten food, since it was hard for him to break out of the habit by himself.

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