SOS: French couple ends up with 28 cats after foregoing sterilization

Cats, both male and female, should be spayed or neutered.  This is a practice that veterinarians and animal rights organizations have strongly promoted these past years.

 It is a well-known fact that female cats are capable of giving birth to litters containing as many as six kittens twice a year.

A couple only realized their mistake when the cat population in their apartment reached twenty-eight. The feline invasion caused everyone to feel a little suffocated.

Fortunately, the clueless cat owners made the right call by asking an association for help. Consequently, the French foundation 30 Millions d’Amis intervened to handle the furry situation.

Inside 30 square meters, the said couple had previously welcomed tomcats that had not been sterilized. The kittens swiftly proliferated, and issues arose.

The overwhelmed owners stood by and observed as the number of specimens increased, but they couldn’t find enough people to adopt their newborn kittens.

After much consideration, they came to the conclusion that the best course of action would be to request assistance from the Foundation 30 Millions d’Amis.

Woopets reports that during their visit to the home in Seine-Saint-Denis, the agents found a total of 28 cats and kittens residing there. One of the investigators admitted that the apartment remained relatively clean for such a big population.

“The cats are sociable, curious, kind, and welcoming. Even if the smell of feline urine in the place is very unpleasant, the apartment remains clean as a whole”

The Foundation finds a solution for the 28 pets

The foundation took in the 28 cats and then sent them to a partner shelter at Saint-Hilliers partner shelter in the Seine-et-Marne region.

However, the cats’ number is still increasing as three females are pregnant and will give birth very soon. Besides, the volunteers already have their hands full since they are feeding a large number of kittens every four hours.

Yet the shelter staff still manages to keep every kitten fed. According to the staff, some of the pusses are even on the heavy side.

Although the kittens seem anxious, they are in excellent condition. Anne Puggioni, the center’s director, said:

“For the moment, they are quietly observing their new environment,”

The adults have all been identified and sterilized in order to hasten the adoption procedure.

After making a solemn promise that they would never again let the messy situation occur again, the couple at the origin got to keep four of the cats.

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