A blind cat rejected finds a forever home in an Italian school

Ray, a black and white blind kitten, was left abandoned in Noci, Italy. Yet, in a school in  Castellana Grotte, Ray found a home.

The kitten has been through a lot of ups and downs. Here’s the feline’s touching story

The two men from Noci discovered the kitten. Although blind, the puss didn’t look feral and was used to human touch, meaning she likely was abandoned.

 At the animal hospital, it was confirmed that both of her eyes had been removed. Perhaps due to a viral illness, the vets speculated.

The hospital staff turned to Marika, a young animal advocate in the Noci hamlet. This woman had been working to create a small organization to support the animals in need for some time.

As a result of her volunteer work, the veterinarians know she’s available to help out when there are abandoned cats. They recommended Marika to the couple who discovered Ray.

The couple admitted they couldn’t keep the blind cat. She was so thin that she might have quickly passed for three months instead of three years.

It’s assumed Ray must have been raised by a loving and trustworthy family, only to be abandoned for unknown reasons.

While Ray, still looking for a place to call home, waited in the couple’s backyard, Marika tried to find a solution for the kitten. She turned to social media, where she had previously established an effective network for crises like this.

Marika and Ray had a lucky strike when a school, the Istituto Comprensivo Tauro Viterbo in Castellana Grotte, reached out. The principal thought the blind cat would fit into their curriculum.

However, there was one hiccup: Ray was missing from her foster home.

The black-and-white puss had snuck through the furrows in the villa’s garden. Hence the feline made its way from one garden to another and vanished.

As usual, though, social media came in handy. Marika explained to Kodami:

” Thanks to the posts we had made, everyone knew about Ray. In fact, within a couple of days, Mara contacted us. “

The blind cat joins the institute

The kitten had arrived at a gas station. Someone had probably spotted Ray and taken her to the cat colony living in the vicinity.

Ray was severely malnourished and dehydrated when they located her. But, the adoption process would continue.

A new family agreed to foster the kitten during this time. Their house kitten, Micol, welcomed the newcomer with “open paws.”

Meanwhile, the Castellana Grotte school reiterated its interest in adopting Ray. With a thousand students, the school also houses eight felines.

Ray would be at ease inside those walls. After her struggles, she surely deserved it.

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