A woman holds orange tabby kitten

A Kitten that was rescued from a fire in Northern California is recovering well

This small, orange kitten was found alive in the charred wake of the McKinney fire in Northern California. He had some burns, and his whiskers were singed off, but with the help of the rescuers who found him and took care of him, he is doing much better now. The McKinney Fire The McKinney fire … Read more

A tabby cat in a field, in a hunting stance.

A Polish Institute has shockingly classified cats as an ‘Invasive alien species’

A Polish Institute has angered cat-lovers worldwide by adding cats to a national database of ‘invasive alien species’ which is run by the academy’s Institute of Nature Conservation. Wojciech Solarz, a biologist at the Polish Academy of Sciences, has faced backlash for adding cats to the database which identifies plants and animals that are considered … Read more