Orange cat and white cat

This cat owner makes daily TikTok videos of her cats, Bean and Lily

This cat owner came up with a brilliant idea: a video diary about her cats! On her TikTok account, she posts daily videos of her cats in the morning. It’s so fun to get a glimpse into her life with her two cats, Lily and Bean, and witness their morning shenanigans. Daily dose of cats … Read more

Orange kitten plays fetch with blue balloon

Porkchop the cat’s favorite toy is a PAW Patrol balloon

Cats often come with their own special personality quirks, and Porkchop is no exception. This orange tabby kitten not only has quite a fun and unique name, but he also has some interesting preferences for the toys that he plays with. The irresistible balloon His owner spared no expense to keep Porkchop and his other … Read more

Picture from game, orange tabby cat lying on blanket in the grass

Game developer creates game inspired by their cat

An independent game developer created a game inspired by their own cat, and when it releases, it’s sure to take the internet by storm. About 28 days ago, Reddit user u/wegotyoup, also known as youpiepoopie, posted their first announcement about a cat-themed game about their cat Mosey. They posted a video trailer for the game … Read more

Orange tabby kitten relaxing on a person's lap

Clingy orange kitten is his foster mom’s favorite

Dannielle, an animal foster, had several litters of kittens to take care of. But Lennar was her favorite, and he knew it. Every time Dannielle would walk into the room where the foster kittens stayed, Lennar would come straight for her, ignoring everything else, and demand snuggles. When she called him out on his attention … Read more

Sad-looking orange tabby cat

BenBen, the “saddest cat on the internet,” is actually a very happy cat celebrity

Meet BenBen, the “saddest cat on the internet!” His face may look naturally sad, and his life might have been rough before he was adopted, but now he’s as happy as can be and is even a cat celebrity. BenBen the cat has been a social media celebrity since 2016. Ever since he was a … Read more

Man holds orange tabby cat

Cooter the talking cat and his hilarious owner reach 7 million followers on TikTok

Cooter the talking cat and his owner, Mason Glasco, are an inseparable duo that have been delighting their followers on TikTok for years with their hilarious videos of their conversations. Now they have over 7 million followers. Cooter the talking cat Cooter and Mason began their TikTok journey together in early 2020 when Mason posted … Read more

Orange cat plays with Tupperware container

Cat who loves Tupperware gets his own personal collection of containers

Oliver is a cat who loves Tupperware containers. One eventful evening, he stole one off its shelf and paraded around the house with it. Now he has dozens of containers of his own, and he loves to play with them. Robin, his owner, told The Dodo that she was surprised when she first noticed him … Read more

A woman holds orange tabby kitten

A Kitten that was rescued from a fire in Northern California is recovering well

This small, orange kitten was found alive in the charred wake of the McKinney fire in Northern California. He had some burns, and his whiskers were singed off, but with the help of the rescuers who found him and took care of him, he is doing much better now. The McKinney Fire The McKinney fire … Read more

An orange tabby cat with a cleft palate.

Smush is an internet star- who uses her fame to spread the love

Smush the cat was rescued when she was found on the side of the road as a kitten. She was brought to a local animal hospital, and a veterinary student named Lindsey ended up taking her home after hearing that the only other option besides full-time care was to euthanize her. Smush needed to be … Read more