Three kittens: one gray, one calico, one black

Foster mom was supposed to babysit three kittens temporarily, but they stayed until adoption

Three kittens, Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach, came to Lori’s kitten foster home for her to babysit. She was supposed to take care of them for only a few days while their other foster mom was gone. Babysittin’ kittens Mario, Luigi, and Peach had been rescued as tiny kittens from a hoarding house. There had … Read more

Tiny black newborn kitten

Sick premature kitten transforms into healthy and playful “energizer bunny”

Raisin was a tiny black kitten who looked like…well, a raisin. She was so small because she had been born a couple of weeks premature. In April, Raisin was taken to her foster home with Rory to the Rescue, a nonprofit organization that specializes in the rescue and fostering of neonatal, or newborn, kittens. Raisin … Read more

trapped black kitten in sewer drain

A trapped kitten gets rescued by a firefighter after good Samaritan posts its plight on Facebook.

In a Facebook post by Iowa STARs for Animals, the organization shared the story of how one good samaritan named Stephanie had sent a message and posted the plight of a trapped kitten in a storm drain in Ankeny, Iowa, online. A firefighter by the name of Tyson Hood saw her Facebook post and responded … Read more

Fuzzy orange cat with one lopsided eye

Arthur the “Fuzzy Potato” cat receives the care he needs

Is it a potato or a ball of fluff? No, it’s a cat! Arthur is a special needs kitten whose condition has improved so much with a little extra love and care. Arthur is currently a resident at Pumpkin Patch Pet Rescue in Los Angeles, California. He is in the foster care of the founder, … Read more

This couple built a room in their house to help house motherless kittens

Onur and Cansu are a husband and wife team from Turkey who have dedicated their lives to helping out the most vulnerable felines around them. Together they carry out Trap Neuter Return (TNR), rescue vulnerable cats and house them until they can get adopted, and offer a place for homeless cats a safe place to … Read more

Meowing tiny orange kitten on a work desk

Tiny kitten loves to chat with her foster mom during Zoom calls

This premature kitten arrived at her foster home weak and tiny, but with a little extra love and care, she found her voice and wouldn’t stop chatting with her foster mom when she was at work. Small as a mouse The kitten, Venus, was a micro preemie, a kitten that is born prematurely and is … Read more

Two auto mechanics holding kittens while smiling.

After taking her car in for a service a woman is shocked to discover three kittens living in the engine!

In the Spring of this year, a woman who had taken her vehicle in for maintenance got a shocking phone call from the auto technician. The technician discovered three 7-week-old kittens living under the hood of her car! In a video posted by Fox2News Detroit, car owner Jillian Shay was shocked to learn that three … Read more

Kittens poke their heads out of a gap in a cardboard box.

14 kittens rescued from cardboard boxes in the forest now live in a kitten paradise

In late May, dozens of kittens were found abandoned in a forest near a playground, packed away in cardboard boxes. Members of the Adorable Paws cat rescue YouTube channel heard about the kittens and rushed to their rescue. Several precious kittens had already passed away, but the rescuers were able to safely retrieve most of … Read more

A woman holds orange tabby kitten

A Kitten that was rescued from a fire in Northern California is recovering well

This small, orange kitten was found alive in the charred wake of the McKinney fire in Northern California. He had some burns, and his whiskers were singed off, but with the help of the rescuers who found him and took care of him, he is doing much better now. The McKinney Fire The McKinney fire … Read more