man hugs cat

A three-legged cat inspires a man to seek mental health help and gain a new perspective on life

A man out of Saanich, Vancouver Island, B.C., has found newfound inspiration and appreciation for life due to his interaction with a three-legged cat. In a darling story by CTV News, a man named Adam describes how his three-legged cat helped him at a point in his life when he struggled with mental health. Adam … Read more

white cat with dirt on its coat

This friendly cat entertains delivery drivers on its doorstep at home.

The typical workday can be long and stressful; however, encountering a ray of sunshine can completely lift your mood and motivate you to keep going. For one family, their beautiful cat entertains everyone who ventures to their doorstep. In a viral YouTube video posted in 2021, a couple with a white cat named Tuna began … Read more