Three-legged cat playing with ball

Stray three-legged cat adopted and given a home before winter

When this person found a stray three-legged kitten, they knew they had to help her, especially before winter came and the weather got too cold. They adopted her immediately to provide a home for her. Three-legged stray This person posted about the kitten’s story on Reddit. They said the kitten was friendly, and she let … Read more

Womand adopts three-legged cat found in Ukraine

Three-legged cat rescued in war-torn Ukraine now spends his time in Birmingham’s pubs

A woman has spoken about her experience aiding neglected animals of war in war-torn Ukraine after initially going there to assist migrants crossing into Poland. She ended up adopting a three-legged Ukrainian cat, with whom she shares her adventures. Wendy Lloyd, a resident of Birmingham, England, traveled to Ukraine to join the other courageous Britons … Read more

Tabby kitten with cast on back leg.

Kitten loses leg in a car engine and receives the surgery he needs

This kitten needed a lot of help when he was rescued. He had lost part of his leg and needed to have surgery. According to Jessica Thompson, a cat foster mom and veterinarian, the kitten was hiding in a very dangerous place in a car when he was rescued. She said: “He thought an engine … Read more

man hugs cat

A three-legged cat inspires a man to seek mental health help and gain a new perspective on life

A man out of Saanich, Vancouver Island, B.C., has found newfound inspiration and appreciation for life due to his interaction with a three-legged cat. In a darling story by CTV News, a man named Adam describes how his three-legged cat helped him at a point in his life when he struggled with mental health. Adam … Read more