Beautiful white cat with green eyes smiling

Yuumi is a supermodel cat who is stunning, but also very funny

Meet Yuumi, a beautiful cat who acts like a supermodel. She is so pretty and graceful that no one could resist her charm. Yuumi the star Yuumi’s owner posts pictures on Reddit, showing off how beautiful and photogenic her cat is. Even when Yuumi was still a kitten, she was already showing off her supermodel … Read more

Orange cat and white cat

This cat owner makes daily TikTok videos of her cats, Bean and Lily

This cat owner came up with a brilliant idea: a video diary about her cats! On her TikTok account, she posts daily videos of her cats in the morning. It’s so fun to get a glimpse into her life with her two cats, Lily and Bean, and witness their morning shenanigans. Daily dose of cats … Read more

White fluffy cat

After a two-year journey of ups and downs, Quincy the special needs cat found his home

Quincy the cat was first brought to Pumpkin Patch Rescue by his foster mom, Mel, in early 2020. Like all of Mel’s fosters, Quincy was a special needs kitty. But Mel was ready to help him with everything he needed, including helping him socialize and overcome his anxiety. After a few weeks, Quincy had already … Read more

Choupette Lagerfeld is a feline icon

The extravagant lifestyle of Choupette, Chanel fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld’s kitten

The late Karl Lagerfeld, a longtime designer of the fashion house, had many muses throughout his illustrious career. But one truly held a special place in the couturier’s heart: his Sacred cat of Burma, Choupette. Since Lagerfeld adopted her in 2011, Choupette became a celebrity in her own right, booking photoshoots and bagging campaigns. After … Read more

white cat with dirt on its coat

This friendly cat entertains delivery drivers on its doorstep at home.

The typical workday can be long and stressful; however, encountering a ray of sunshine can completely lift your mood and motivate you to keep going. For one family, their beautiful cat entertains everyone who ventures to their doorstep. In a viral YouTube video posted in 2021, a couple with a white cat named Tuna began … Read more

White cat held by girl in a wheelchair

Cuddly cat chooses a girl in a wheelchair to be his forever friend

This beautiful white cat was once a stray, abandoned by his owners when they moved out of their apartment complex. Now he has found his forever family with Kiley, whose wheelchair might scare other cats, but not him. Cat Man Chris, a man who rescues and takes care of cats in his neighborhood, provided daily … Read more

A white fluffy cat looks out from behind a chair.

Meet Teeny Kini: the Persian cat with feline dwarfism

Kini’s owner Adina found her on a pet adoption website after she was surrendered by her previous owners. The shelter that was looking after Kini told Adina that her last owners had moved and couldn’t take Kini with them. This sounded suspicious to Adina, as Kini is a purebred Persian cat, and she didn’t think … Read more

Beloved internet meme sensation, Smudge the Cat, celebrates his 9th birthday and adoption anniversary

Smudge, the cat from the iconic Woman Yelling at Cat /Table Cat meme, is now nine years old and has enjoyed eight years of living with his owner. His birthday and adoption anniversary were announced on his official Instagram profile, @smudge_lord. In a short video, he is shown enjoying some feline-friendly cake, wearing a party … Read more