Terrified kitten transforms into cuddliest kitten rescue had ever seen

All of Fish’s brothers and sisters were scared when they were rescued. But he was definitely the most terrified. Thanks to a little love and care from the folks at Sparkle Cat Rescue, Fish turned into the cuddliest kitten they’d ever seen.

Fish was rescued and brought into Sparkle Cat Rescue in Burlington, North Carolina along with his littermates. He was so filthy when he came in that you couldn’t tell the true color of his fur until he had a nice bath.

Even after being gently washed by the rescue’s staff, Fish still sat frozen in fear behind his brothers and sisters when it was over.

Fish in foster

The rescue knew that the best place for Fish would be in a foster home where he could get the love, care, and socialization he needed.

But when he got to his foster home, Fish would just hide in a corner. Foster parents Amanda and Garrett gave Fish the space he needed to be comfortable and get used to his new home.

Slowly but surely, Fish began to let his foster parents pet him. After that, he let them hold him.

Sometimes he would climb up into their shirts to stay extra cozy. But once Fish started snuggling, he didn’t stop.

Though he was still shy, Fish wanted constant affection from his foster parents. He required several snugglings a day and loved taking a snooze on their shoulder.

“We have no doubt Fish will blossom with all the love that is headed his way,” his foster parents told Love Meow. “Fish is one of the most snuggly cats I’ve ever met.”

Love and confidence

All that love help Fish grow his confidence. Fish’s shyness slowly began to melt away. Instead of cowering in a corner, he would lie around the floor on his own.

Fish even wound up making his own friends when he started following resident cat Basil around the house.

Basil started showing Fish the ropes around the house and how to do stuff like play. Basil taught Fish how to use the scratching post and how to hug.

“Basil is a great tutor and is grooming and playing with Fish,” Sparkle Cat Rescue said. “Fish is blossoming in his foster home, where he waits for the next step towards finding a forever home. He will need a kind cat buddy to pal around with and an adopter with time to spend cuddling.”

Fish has since made friends with lots of other cats, like Gidget. Now, at 4-months-old, Fish is ready to be put up for adoption to find his forever home. You can get more updates on Fish at Sparkle Cat Rescue on Facebook.

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