Momma cat brings her kittens into yard to give them a better life

When Melbie appeared in a stranger’s yard, she wasn’t just trying to find a bite to eat. She was trying to find a better life for her babies as well.

When a Canadian family noticed a fluffy grey cat in their yard, they decided to feed the hungry cat. But they knew that they had to do more for this cat with the bad weather on the way.

So, they reached out to Montreal-based animal rescuer Nadia. But when Nadia showed up, there was more than just one cat.

Three’s company

The grey cat brought along her two kittens, a black kitten and a calico cat, as if she knew she was going to be rescued that day. This was her chance to make sure her kittens were taken care of.

The kitty family was taken in by Chatons Orphelins Montreal, who hooked them up with a foster family.

The mommy cat was named Melbie and her kittens, a boy and a girl, were named Loupix and Lio. The kittens got used to indoor life right away.

Mom, however, took a little bit more time to come around. She stayed in her corner for a while before gaining the courage to explore the rest of her surroundings.

“She was a bit unsure at first (having lived outside for so long), but her curiosity won each time. She became more confident and played a little more every day,” the rescue group said, according to Love Meow.

Melbie eventually started to warm up to her foster parents. She liked to rub up against their legs, then decided that she wanted to sleep with them in their bed at night.

“It was beautiful to see how she evolved into a more confident cat,” the rescue said. “She likes her routines and enjoys being the center of attention.”

Kitten play

Melbie learned that she loved to play with toys and got the chance to be a kitten again. She also loved being pet and would purr away.

“She likes to spy on the neighbors through the window and lie in the sun. She’s become a people-cat and wants to be in the same room with her humans.”

Once they were old enough, Melbie’s kittens found a forever home together. Melbie was adopted too but sent back due to family circumstances.

“Despite all the changes, Melbie continues to love. She chirps and coos to ask for attention, and she enjoys being brushed every day. She is still a kitten at heart.”

The 7-year-old cat is still looking for her forever home. You can stay tuned for updates on Melbie on Chatons Orphelins Montreal’s Facebook page.

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