The Cat Butler and his two beautiful Ragdoll cats show us how to spoil our feline friends

The Cat Butler is a YouTube channel dedicated to showing cat owners how to spoil their felines, as well as offering advice for those new to cat ownership.

In order to showcase this, the Cat Butler uses his two cats as examples, Teemo and Arya. Both cats are Cream Bicolor Ragdolls, with Teemo being a cuddly boy and Arya, a clumsy girl.

The two cats are from the same litter, and just like any other siblings sometimes they don’t always get along.

But thanks to the Cat Butler they definitely don’t have to fight for attention! He makes sure they are very spoiled, as all cats should be.

Fine delicacies

One of the things the Cat Butler loves to do for Teemo and Arya is make delicious food for them, in one of his videos he makes Sashimi for the two lucky cats!

He shows all the ingredients and the method he uses so viewers can make the recipe for their own cats if they want.

He also figured out a healthy raw food diet for his cats and explains the process and research behind it.

It is interesting to see the science behind the best nutrition for cats, but it’s important to know that it is not recommended that cat owners do so.

The diet requires vitamin supplements in addition to raw meat, as it can be difficult for cats to get all the nutrition they need from meat alone.

The Cat Butler is a unique case where he has the knowledge and resources to cater to his cat’s nutrition.

Because of the various vitamins and minerals that cats need to stay healthy, cat food is the best option for most cats.

The Cat Butler’s recipes are better seen as a one-off treat if your cat is in need of some extra spoiling.

Cat tips

A big part of the Cat Butler channel is providing advice for those who are new to cat ownership and some of the advice is no harm for those who already own cats to be reminded of too!

The channel provides tips for age-old problems that come with having a cat, like the best ways to remove cat hair from around your home, and how to stop them from scratching furniture.

The Cat Butler shows us how to make a safer and healthier home for both cats and humans alike.

Two cream bi-color Ragdoll cats laying on a gray couch.
It’s easy to see why these two beauties get spoiled! Pic credit: @the.catbutler/Instagram.
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