Estefannie creates a poop monitor to follow her cat

An inventor on YouTube built a poop monitor to track when her cat goes out to potty.

It’s hard to imagine what some cat owners wouldn’t do for their feline companions. A YouTuber designed a robot to monitor her cat’s bathroom breaks. Stinking cute, dare we say. Estefannie is a Mexican YouTuber living in the United States. She has an engineering- and technology-oriented blog and YouTube channel, where she details the creation … Read more

This couple built a room in their house to help house motherless kittens

Onur and Cansu are a husband and wife team from Turkey who have dedicated their lives to helping out the most vulnerable felines around them. Together they carry out Trap Neuter Return (TNR), rescue vulnerable cats and house them until they can get adopted, and offer a place for homeless cats a safe place to … Read more

White cat with golden eyes looks at camera

This photographer takes gorgeous pictures of Maine Coon cats

Robert Sijka is a photographer who loves taking professional shots of his favorite subject: cats. His personal business is known as the Felis Gallery. This name comes from the Latin word for “cat,” so it’s clear that he’s dedicated to his craft of making these cats come alive through his amazing photos. Let the cats … Read more

Two ragdoll cats with blue eyes look at the camera.

The Cat Butler and his two beautiful Ragdoll cats show us how to spoil our feline friends

The Cat Butler is a YouTube channel dedicated to showing cat owners how to spoil their felines, as well as offering advice for those new to cat ownership. In order to showcase this, the Cat Butler uses his two cats as examples, Teemo and Arya. Both cats are Cream Bicolor Ragdolls, with Teemo being a … Read more

A long-haired Siamese cat lies out on a carpet.

This comedian’s beloved cat got stuck up a tree and he risked life and limb to rescue her!

Brian Limond a.k.a ‘Limmy’ is a Scottish comedian and author who in the last few years has become a prolific Twitch streamer. During these streams, viewers can often see his cat Bobbi hanging out with him, sometimes Limmy even pauses the game or movie he’s playing to give Bobbi a cuddle. The camera does love … Read more

A black kitten bites into a hotdog on a stick.

Discover the world of kitten ASMR and enjoy the soothing sounds of their purrs and more

YouTube user My Pets ASMR began posting videos with clear audio of their pet rabbit eating various fruits and vegetables two years ago. The videos garnered views in the tens and twenty thousand, but it wasn’t until they started posting videos of their black kitten that views skyrocketed to 25 million! The video was a … Read more

Two cats lie on their backs on a carpet.

This couple tested their cat’s love for them using science – and it revealed some interesting results

Alie and Micah are the proud owners of the YouTube channel Neurotransmissions, and their two cats Bill and Loki. Alie, a Neuroscientist, and Micah, a therapist are married and together they make videos about all things brain-related for their channel. Given how much they love their cats, they decided to test just how much they … Read more

A white cat wearing a gray sweater beside a ginger cat wearing a black sweater and a tabby cat in a hotdog costume.

Winds of Change: the cat soap opera you didn’t know you needed in your life

In 2020, Henry, Curtis, and Otis’ owner’s work was put on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic. So she decided to use her skills of scripting, filming, and editing videos to make a cat soap opera! Explaining her decision the cat’s talented owner said: “When the world went on lockdown with COVID-19 we created an … Read more

An elderly cat sits in a blue cardboard lift.

A YouTuber built an elevator for his elderly cat

Many pet owners are willing to go above and beyond regarding their beloved animals. From expensive equipment to fancy toys, nothing is off-limits for these companions. Twenty-one-year-old YouTuber Liam Thompson, from New Zealand, is one of these committed parents. Faced with the difficulties of his old cat Frodo, Liam decided to build his puss a … Read more

Tabby Cat wearing donut ring and sat on giant piano

YouTuber builds giant working piano for his cats

Popular YouTuber Half-Asleep Chris built a giant working piano for his cats, sharing the hilarious process with his many subscribers. In a video about the process, Chris expresses his belief that his cat Ralph is the world’s greatest jazz pianist as the cat displays his musical talents by rubbing his head on a standard keyboard. … Read more