A man orders a custom-made paw-print engagement ring for his proposal!

Choosing an engagement ring can be a real headache. Sapphire or diamond, paved or unpaved, in platinum or white gold, the possibilities are endless. Faced with this conundrum, a man bet on the passion of his future fiance for cats and chose a paw-shaped ring.

A symbol of commitment, the promise to unite for life through a future marriage, an engagement ring is loaded with meaning.

Finding the right ring

With their engagement, a couple seals their love for one another. Purchasing such a jewel is a memorable and exciting moment, leaving room for emotion.

However, it can also be challenging as many women dream of this moment their whole life. Although not necessarily a dealbreaker, getting the wrong ring could dampen the potential bride’s enthusiasm for the proposal.

A Reddit user named MrMeow8 didn’t have to think too long about the right jewel. From the moment he decided to make his proposal, the boyfriend had an exact idea of what he wanted.

A very special pawprint

MrMeow8 lives with his girlfriend and their cats in Cincinnati, Ohio. He described himself as an expert on special needs cats with over a decade of animal shelter experience.

He also works as a crematory operator and loves advocating for animal welfare. According to him, he and his fiancé met because of animals since she works as a veterinarian technician.

On August 11th, 2022, the excited boyfriend shared his plans on the subreddit r/cats. He posted pictures of his engagement ring in a post titled:

“The paw print engagement ring I had custom made!”

Reddit reacts

Even though his ring was made on request, MrMeow8 acknowledged he got various inspiration pictures from the jewelers at Genesis Diamonds. The Redditor remarked:

“Ask around because they’ve shown me pictures of custom Zelda engagement rings, Mickey Mouse engagement rings, Batman, etc. Some places can turn them into just about anything!”

Fellow Redditors were impressed by the band’s design and originality. They flocked to the comments to congratulate the original poster.

@Phoebe-365 wrote:

“Amazing ring. Your gf is a lucky woman. Best wishes to you both!”

@dinosaur_0987 added:

“Omg, why didn’t we think of this?!?!?”

Mr. Meow8 admitted not everyone understood his idea. Some work colleagues were less than supportive of his inspiration. He explained:

“I’ve gotten some crap from guys I work with who don’t really understand how much animals mean to her and I,”

The Redditor hasn’t yet made his proposal but intends to do it before the end of this year, best wishes to him!

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