These neighboring cats fell in love from a distance and are now caught up in a whirlwind romance

Toulouse the cat and his feline neighbor an orange cat who lives next door, are madly in love. Their whirlwind romance began by staring at each other across their yards and finally gained traction at their first nose-to-nose meeting.

The two cats would just stare at each other for months. Toulouse would sit below in his grassy courtyard and look up in order to gaze upon the face of his one true love, the orange cat, who would sit on the wall above.

Sometimes he would climb up the high wall, but as fate would have it, they never met face-to-face. Finally, one day when his love was sitting on the wall, Toulouse gained enough nerve to hop up on the wall and talk to her.

Star-pawed lovers

Toulouse’s owner took a video of the whole meeting from her window, Toulouse crept up the wall and was careful not to spook the orange cat.

He waited for her to come to him and she did! She leaned over to put her little nose next to his nose so that they could boop each other’s noses.

It was the beginning of what would be a tumultuous relationship that rocked TikTok. Toulouse’s owner put the video of the meeting between the two star-pawed lovers on TikTok, where it went viral.

That video was viewed more than 4.2 million times, leaving TikTok fans clamoring to find out what became of Toulouse’s new love affair.

one TikTok commenter wrote:

“I’m invested now,”

Another exclaimed:

“HE!!! CLIMED TO HER, LADIES!!!” Don’t go down to anyone! Keep your standards HIGH!!!”


Antwort auf @ruistsukasa orange cat came back today 🥰 #cattok #catsoftiktok #meow #catlife #cat

♬ Enchanted Taylor Swift – Kaylen

Unrequited love

Unfortunately, the orange cat was scared off by her intense feeling for Toulouse and she didn’t come back after their first meeting. Toulouse had essentially been ghosted.

But he wasn’t going to give up on their love, he would go to the wall every day and wait for her. In the end, his commitment wasn’t in vain.

Eventually, the orange cat returned but this time she came down to him and was waiting for him in his courtyard. They were a little shy this time around, but the internet fully expects their love to blossom. With one TikToker commenting:

“Feels like the air is smelling all love,”

We can not wait for the next chapter of this purrfect love story!

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