These wounded brother and sister kittens kept each other alive until they could be rescued

When brother and sister newborn kittens Bonsai, a tortoiseshell cat, and Budda, a ginger cat, were found, they had severe wounds on their legs.

They were also extremely underweight. Rescuer Melinda Blain, the co-founder of Bottle Baby Fosters, believes that the only reason they survived so long without their mother is that they had each other.

Blain took the kitties in after they were found abandoned outdoors in Phoenix, Arizona. Bonsai weighed just under 3 ounces, while Budda was about 4 ounces.

Bonsai and Budda were immediately treated with antibiotics and had their wounds fixed up and cleaned. Next, they were fed before it was time to snuggle safely and securely for the first time.

Blain soon realized how inseparable the pair were. These cuties would cry and cry if they were separated and needed to be together at all times.

New life, new love

But they also loved the affection they would get from Blain and would purr heavily when she pet them. Blain told Love Meow that it was as if the newborns knew that “they were so loved.”

Despite having more severe wounds, Bonsai quickly gained weight and was healing nicely. Blain says that she was a “fighter” and dealt with her treatments like a champ.

Both babies had good-sized bellies and had opened their eyes at 10 days old. Besides eating and being troopers during their treatments for their wounds, these two just spent all of their time cuddling.

They did everything together. They even learned the lay of the house and how to use the litterbox together. Blain told Love Meow:

“The brother and sister duo get extra cuddle time in the morning, and they always end up zonking out during snuggles.

They’re almost totally weaned and haven’t lost their desire for constant snuggles. Bonsai is a little explorer and she loves climbing, and Buddha loves snuggling and playing with his sister,”

Together furever

The two kitties were growing strong, it wouldn’t be long before they were big enough to be adopted into forever homes.

Since these two were so bonded, Blain sought to find them a home that would take the both of them so they wouldn’t have to be separated. Blain explained:

“They always fall asleep on my lap after playtime, and I always find them cuddling together,”

Not only were these two saved and brought back to health thanks to Bottle Baby Fosters, but they’ll also now be together forever.

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