A lucky cat survived falling out of an apartment window and is now on the mend

One morning in the Bronx, New York, a woman who worked at the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) spotted a young cat lying on a sidewalk.

As she walked over to the little cat she noticed it was bleeding and having trouble breathing, the woman, Masiel Ramirez said:

“My first thought was, he fell out of a window’”

The building he was lying in front of was 11 stories high, and she hoped with all of her heart that he hadn’t fallen from the highest window. Luckily for the cat, the Community Veterinary Center where she worked was just steps away. He was rushed inside to get some much-needed help.

Assessing the damage

Soon the young cat was being cleaned up, and the staff at the CVC agreed with Masiel’s initial thoughts; that the cat had fallen out of a window. But despite his injuries, the cat started affectionately pawing the vet tech who was cleaning him up.

The staff at the center decided to name the brave cat Biscuit.

White and ginger cat wrapped in a blanket with his head resting on a person's head
Little Biscuit was such a sweetheart through all the pain. Pic credit: @aspca/Instagram.

Radiographs showed just how extensive the damage from the fall was; Biscuit had “a collapsed lung, a broken right femur, a jaw fracture and fractured metacarpals on both front limbs”.

The fact that Biscuit was still able to be affectionate with all these injuries was amazing.

A cat of many names

Biscuit had a long stay ahead of him to make sure he was all healed up.

After an emergency thoracocentesis (a procedure in which free air is released from the chest cavity, allowing the lungs to expand and restore normal breathing), Biscuit also needed a blood transfusion, and his two front legs splintered.

The staff at the center tried to find his owner by hanging fliers in the area, but no one claimed him. But that was fine with the staff, he was already a favorite of theirs and had been renamed Triscuit during his stay.

A white and ginger cat with splints on his front legs.
Now named Triscuit, but still as cute as ever! Pic credit: @aspca/Instagram.

But the staff at the CVC couldn’t keep him forever. As his condition improved he was put up for adoption, as luck would have it one of the staff members at the CVC got to keep him after all!

Bridget, the vet tech who cleaned Triscuit up and initially named him Biscuit, first fostered him, and then adopted him and he was in for one more name change!

Bridget renamed him Bumblebee once he was officially hers.

A white and ginger cat lying on a kitchen table.
Bumblebee (formerly known as Triscuit and Biscuit) all healed and comfy in his forever home. Pic credit: @aspca/Instagram.
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