This grandma’s reaction to getting a kitty for Christmas is beyond pure

Every single one of this grandma’s Christmas wishes came true when she was gifted a new cat during the holidays.

It caught her completely by surprise! And her beautifully pure reaction to her new present has us sobbing happy tears.

A furry companion is something that this grandma always wanted. But she was still shocked when a cat poked its head out of the box her family presented her with for Christmas.

The grandma had already gotten a pair of slippers, so, it’s safe to assume she thought she was getting your typical holiday gift.

Instead, her family decided to give her a cat for Christmas, they also took a video of her opening her present. The kitty was placed in a big red box with a snowman on it.

Caught by surprise

The grandmother, who was dressed festively in a Christmas sweater, was surprised by how big the box was, she was even more surprised by how heavy it was when placed in her lap.

Still, she didn’t suspect that there was a living, breathing animal in that box! She had pulled the top open halfway when a black cat popped its head out.

It scared the daylights out of the grandma, who yelped, that fear quickly dissipated when the kitty’s cute face was fully revealed.

That yelp turned into happy cries as the grandma lovingly looked at her new cat, she then pulled the cat in close to her and hugged it as she cried happy tears over it.

No words

Her family was pretty much in tears too, their beloved grandma was so happy that she could hardly speak.

She just kept cooing over the kitty, eventually, she got a few words out, including: “It’s a…” and “I always wanted…”

The overjoyed grandma was in love with her new kitty! She held him close while stroking his back and exclaimed:

“He’s darling! Oh, ho ho. Oh my!”

The grandma decided to name her new cat Jack, her family says that the two of them loved each other dearly. Unfortunately, the beloved grandmother passed away a few years after getting Jack.

But she and Jack were able to spend three wonderful years together and Jack surely made those final years happy for the grandma.

Jack was missing his grandma a lot after she passed but now he lives with her kids, and he’s adjusted well to his new life.

He loves to cuddle and play and pose for pictures. Thankfully, Jack is very well-loved in his new home and he now serves as a happy reminder of their grandma to the rest of his family.

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