Three-legged cat receives a prosthesis

Nebraska University students develop a prosthetic for a three-legged rescue kitten

The University of Nebraska students majoring in biological systems engineering have succeeded in creating a prosthetic leg for a three-legged feline. They conducted experiments with Olive, a brown tabby cat. Olive, a stray cat, found in a local shelter, had a cleft in her leg and was born with three paws. One of the veterinarians, … Read more

A lost cat found seven years later

A lost cat reappears seven years after fleeing and living twenty minutes away the whole time

Seven years after it went missing, a woman in Rheinfelden, Switzerland, finally located her 16-year-old cat. The cat was found in an animal sanctuary in Muttenz, Switzerland. The circumstances of the moggy’s disappearance were relatively simple. Winnetou just snuck out of his cat net. His owner told 20 minutes: “I had left him on my … Read more

Stray cat in heatwave begs for help

Kind store owner saves stray cat after it begged for help during heatwave

Amidst the scorching heat in Saudi Arabia, a stray cat had nowhere to hide. Eventually, the animal begged for help in front of a local business, where the compassionate owner opened the door to assist the overheated moggy. The photographs have sparked awareness among Internet users, who have praised shopkeeper Rayan Algamadi‘s compassion toward this … Read more

White cat held by girl in a wheelchair

Cuddly cat chooses a girl in a wheelchair to be his forever friend

This beautiful white cat was once a stray, abandoned by his owners when they moved out of their apartment complex. Now he has found his forever family with Kiley, whose wheelchair might scare other cats, but not him. Cat Man Chris, a man who rescues and takes care of cats in his neighborhood, provided daily … Read more