Black cat sitting in leaves outside

Person takes care of sweet stray black cat despite strict neighborhood rules

This black cat is a very sweet stray. She has charmed all her neighbors into taking care of her, even though she has no home of her own. Sweet stray Someone in this cat’s neighborhood posted a video about this black cat on Reddit, saying she was the sweetest stray they had ever met. In … Read more

Stray cat gets a new position as mascot

Stray cat, regularly visiting a printing shop, becomes the store’s mascot

In the United Arab Emirates, a stray cat found benefactors in a printing business. The moggy became so regular at the shop that the owners had to adopt him officially. Tom, the ginger kitten, is now a recognizable figure in the neighborhood, charming clients and online fans alike. Once a lone wanderer, Tom began coming … Read more

Black cat sleeps on a person with its legs sticking out

Stray black cat adopts a couple who moved into his neighborhood

When this couple moved into their new home, they were adopted by a local stray black cat. He filled their new home with so much kitty love. Meeting their new neighbor This woman recently shared her cat’s story on Reddit. She said that she and her husband bought a home and moved in one day … Read more

tabby cat stray cat

This sad cat finds happiness after getting adopted by a compassionate woman who drove 8 hours to give him a loving home

In May, a Tik Tok poster under the name Indira Wood took an 8-hour drive to pick up the saddest cat she’d ever seen and give it a shot at a new life. Previously abused and neglected, Kelvin, a stray cat, yearned to find a place to call home, and his new mom was on … Read more

Nabi the sauna cat

Alley cat loves to sneak into the local sauna for a nap

A dry sauna in Korea became a stray moggy’s favorite hangout. The cat would spend hours in the facility, enjoying the warm temperature and other commodities. When an intrigued staff member decided to follow the stray cat, he discovered a sad reality. Modern South Korean culture includes many rituals. Among them is going to traditional … Read more

Stray cat approaches woman on the street and she adopts him

Starving stray cat accosts woman in town to finally find a home

A woman was walking the streets when a stray black cat approached her and tried to climb into her arms. From then, both their lives changed for the best. The passerby adopted the black moggy. Léa, a French woman, was out downtown with friends when the group heard some noise nearby. One of Léa’s pals … Read more

Cat firefighter Wicho takes over Tiktok in Mexico

Meet Wicho, Mexico City Fire Department’s new member

In Mexico City, the Cuauhtémoc Station of the Mexico City Fire Department houses a famous worker:  Wichi, the new feline firefighter. The cat took on the station’s account on TikTok to introduce himself to the public.  And let’s say he’s not shy! Thus, the public got a glimpse of the background and life of this … Read more

Three-legged cat receives a prosthesis

Nebraska University students develop a prosthetic for a three-legged rescue kitten

The University of Nebraska students majoring in biological systems engineering have succeeded in creating a prosthetic leg for a three-legged feline. They conducted experiments with Olive, a brown tabby cat. Olive, a stray cat, found in a local shelter, had a cleft in her leg and was born with three paws. One of the veterinarians, … Read more