This cat acts as a wonderful surrogate dad to his Golden Retriever friend’s puppies

Every new mom needs a helping hand and dog moms are no exception. That’s why a Golden Retriever named Olive looked to her Siamese cat friend Fig to help with her puppies. A video of Fig helping to calm one of the puppies recently went viral.

Hannah Colson is the pet mom of the household, her dog Olive recently gave birth to a litter of adorable puppies.

But Olive has been looking for help with puppies, when she’s exhausted, sometimes she’ll grab the little pups by the scruff of their necks and deliver them to her humans to look after.

Fig babysits the puppies

If the humans aren’t up for the task, that’s when Fig takes over. And he doesn’t mind playing the role of surrogate dad at all.

Fig actually loves babysitting Olive’s puppies. He’s great at handling the emotional stuff, when one of Olive’s babies was having a little meltdown and whimpering it was Fig who came to the rescue.

In fact, motherhood comes pretty naturally to him surprisingly enough, Colson even refers to Fig as Olive’s “Baby daddy.”

Colson caught Fig’s fatherly moment on video and posted it on her Tik Tok account. In the short clip, Fig nuzzles into the puppy and plops down next to it, the cat then put his arm over the puppy to comfort it.

He then started licking the baby’s head and giving him kisses. The puppy immediately calmed down and laid down to get cozy with Fig. Once Olive realized her puppy was in good hands, she walked off.

Fig’s parenting skills must have been extremely impressive because the TikTok video of him comforting the Golden Retriever puppy was liked by more than 2.5 million people and viewed over 11.3 million times.

Social media stardom

TikTok commenters shared their awe and amazement at Fig’s actions.

One user wrote;

“The urgency the cat had to snuggle. OMG!”

Another commenter added:

“Olive be like, ‘You got this? Okay, peace then,”

Colson and her crew have become quite the social media stars. She has over 19,000 followers, 2.8 million likes on her page, and millions of more views.

In addition to being a good dad, Fig is also quite the dancer, his “Fig Jiggle Jiggle” dance has gotten a good amount of attention.

Fig is also a huge Lizzo fan, so he’ll sometimes dance to her songs and put them on TikTok for all his fans to see!

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