A French man has started a Gofundme page for his brave cat who fell from the third floor

A cat owner from Metz, France, has issued a plea for help on the fundraising portal Gofundme.  Yaeden Piel is struggling to pay for the surgery of his cat, who has two fractured legs.

On July 25th 2022, the young man stated in the fundraiser’s description:

“Greetings, my name is Yaeden. I’m 21 years old and have had a tortoiseshell cat named Chachat for a year.

This little gem was thriving until an unfortunate accident occurred. My cat landed on his two front legs after falling from the third floor.”

A terrible fall

Yaden described the events surrounding his cat’s catastrophic fall to the French news website Lorraine Actu, sharing that he now rarely leaves his cat alone.

He had intended to install a window guard, but building renovations were set to begin soon, so Yaeden decided to wait until the job was completed before installing the guard.

Believing his cat Chachat to be of a wise nature, Yaeden was not worried. The cat used to simply sit on the windowsill serenely.

One day, Yaeden received a visit from his relatives. When the visitors left, he escorted them out of the living room for a few minutes. Yaeden explains:

“When I returned, a crowd had gathered downstairs around my cat, who had fallen from the third floor, so I instantly took him in my arms,”

Onlookers help Yaeden and his injured kitten

The Metz resident thankfully encountered highly compassionate people who helped him locate a veterinarian on call.

They found an available vet clinic in Thionville, thirty kilometers away, but Yaeden doesn’t own a car. He explains how his neighbors stepped in to help:

“These people were gracious enough to take me there without expecting anything in return,”

When they got to the vet, an X-ray revealed two double fractures in each leg, requiring surgery to fix the fractures with plates and screws.

Yaeden assured readers he is a devoted cat parent, but his current situation is stressful. The young man earns a pittance and has recently been experiencing financial issues.

Yaeden starts fundraising

Yaeden is appealing to the public’s generosity, he provided a breakdown of the fees in the fundraiser’s description, sharing:

“The sum of the intervention is €2195 for the surgery, and we must add the hospitalization charges, which will exceed €450 without counting the prescriptions of medicines to come.”

For the time being, he has managed to raise €1,985 in less than two weeks after starting his fund. Over one hundred and sixty people have donated, with the goal being a total of €2700.

On top of that, Chachat’s understanding veterinarian has agreed to split the bills into four installments. The cat owner has kept donors updated on her feline’s progress.

On August 3rd, Yaeden announced on his page:

“Good news! Chachat is having his casts removed on Friday!!! Hopefully, it’s only good news!”

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