This cat is obsessed with peaches and likes to snuggle with them

Ozzy is a peach man, well, a peach cat. There’s just something about peaches that the 5-year-old tabby can’t resist but he doesn’t like to eat them.

Ozzy prefers to stand guard over them or cuddle up with them. Ozzy’s family discovered his peach obsession during the first peach season after he was adopted in the fall of 2013.

Lydia Coutré and her mom had been volunteering at the Harbor Human Society and didn’t plan on taking a cat home from the shelter until they laid their eyes on Ozzy. Lydia was totally smitten and just had to take the playful kitten home.

For the love of peaches

During peach season, the Coutrés will lay their peaches out on newspaper to help them ripen faster. Ozzy was curious about these round things with the glorious smell and got up close for a sniff.

Then it was a nuzzle. And that became a full-on snuggle fest. Lydia and her family suspect that the fuzzy texture of peaches is what Ozzy might be so attracted to.

Ozzy will just plop himself down in the middle of a row of perfectly laid out peaches. Sometimes his owners have to go to desperate measures just to keep those peaches free of cat hair.

Lydia told The Dodo:

“My mom once put the peaches in the basement to keep them away from Ozzy,” “But he still found them, and left a cat-sized hole in the middle of what were previously neat rows of peaches.”

They tried to see if Ozzy reacted in a similar way to other round fruit. But Ozzy only seems to have a passion for peaches.

He despises clementines and the way they smell but Ozzy’s affinity for peaches always puts a smile on the family’s face.

Lydia’s parents are always sending her silly Ozzy photos. Lydia calls it “the most delightful thing.” She ended up sharing them on Twitter where they went viral.

That peach life

Lydia told her Twitter followers:

“They send regular picture updates to the family group chat of this cat just chilling with the peaches. It’s the most important notification I get to my phone,”

Lydia says that peaches are Ozzy’s happy place, explaining:

“When Ozzy isn’t living that peach life, he’s just an adorably “social, playful, and loving kitty.”

When he’s not guarding peaches, he likes sunbathing, squirrel watching and snoozing in someone’s lap,”

Ozzy had a good 15 minutes of internet fame for his love of peaches and has been cuddling with and protecting peaches ever since.

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