See Odin’s transformation from stray street cat to loving brother

Cat Man Chris first came across Odin, who at the time was looking worse for wear, while he was out feeding some local community cats in his area.

He kept his distance and left out some food for him, and soon Odin got into a routine of being around when Chris came to feed the other cats daily.

The more Odin hung around the better look Chris got of him, aside from being starving, Odin’s right eye had ruptured and his jaw was noticeably swollen. He needed to be seen by a vet as soon as possible.

Earning a cat’s trust

Chris started slowly getting closer to Odin as he ate in an attempt to get him to associate him with “good things”.

As days went by, Odin got better and better at letting Chris be close, until one day Chris was able to hand feed Odin some tuna and even pet him a little!

Thankfully he was eventually caught and brought to the vet. After many months of treatment which included the removal of his ruptured eye, Odin was ready to be adopted!

And the good news didn’t stop there, Odin’s new forever home also came with a new forever brother too.

A Marvelous cat

Odin’s new owner already had a cat named Marvel when she adopted him, and she was nervous as to how the two of them would get on.

A tabby cat sniffs a gray and white cat.
Marvel makes a preliminary investigation of Odin. Pic credit: @marvelandodin/Instagram.

Marvel was also a rescue cat.

He was found starving to death five years ago, and only survived thanks to the compassion of a kind woman who nurtured him back to health.

As soon as he was stable enough he was adopted by his, and now Odin’s owner.

The fact that Marvel had spent three years living the good life by himself made it hard to tell if he’d accept his new brother.

But their owner needn’t have worried, although hesitant at first, the two brothers became inseparable and Odin turned out to be quite the love bug!

Who would have thought this rough-looking street cat would end up being a sweet and cuddly boy?

Another case of not being able to judge a book by its cover!

A gray and white cat sleeps on its back.
Odin literally sleeping like a baby. Pic credit: @marvelandodin/Instagram.

It’s now been two years since Odin’s “Gotcha day”, and his owner and Marvel are so grateful to have him in their lives.

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