This cat is obsessed with Trader Joe’s ciabatta bread and will fight you over it

When it comes to Trader Joe’s ciabatta, Sparkle the cat lets no one get between her and her bread. It is her “precious.” According to mom Ariel, anyone that even goes near Sparkle’s ciabatta bread “must die.”

You can have your hot dog rolls, your bagels, your baguettes. Sparkle doesn’t care about any other kind of bread. But she is super territorial when it comes to ciabatta for some reason.

Mom says that Sparkle basically loses her mind when they bust out her favorite kind of bread. She immediately sinks her claws into it and sort of wrestles around with it in between gnaws.

For the love of ciabatta

If anyone comes the slightest bit close to her, they get swatted at or cat teeth sunken into their skin. Sparkle’s family learned about the cat’s obsession one day when she was 6-months-old.

Her dad came home with groceries and unloaded everything on the counter. Sparkle usually jumps up on the counter, but this time she went to town on the bag of bread.

Ariel asked herself if this was normal but didn’t really think anything of it. She began to suspect that there was something strange going on the next time dad brought home some rolls.

A black cat stares at a long bread roll.
Sparkle is very offended that her mom would even suggest that she eat any bread other than her precious ciabatta. Pic credit: @joyandtreasure/Instagram

Nothing compares to ciabatta

Ariel told The Dodo:

“The next time he came home with this ciabatta, I pulled out a roll, and I kind of put it in her face. And sure enough, it was 0 to 60. She’s acting insane. She just goes from normalcy to craziness,”

And it’s been that way ever since. If the family doesn’t get those ciabatta rolls into the refrigerator ASAP, they officially become the property of Sparkle. They even tested out other bread to see if it was the bread that she liked or just the ciabatta.

Ariel explained:

“We try to offer her other kinds of bread, and she doesn’t care at all. She actually looks offended when I offer them to her.

She’ll turn her nose up and like flip her tail at me and just saunter off and be like, ‘No, I just want my ciabatta. Sorry,'”

The family still hasn’t figured out what it is about ciabatta that Sparkle is so obsessed with. Is it the yeast? Is it the olive oil in the bread? The square pillow shape?

They may never know. All they do know is that when Sparkles gets her ciabatta, everyone else needs to get out of the way.

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