These bonded brothers were abandoned but found a new loving home together

Two bonded brother siblings, Baba and Tamacti, were surrendered to Baldwin Park Animal Care Center in California in June 2021.

When they were turned in, Baba had a severe upper respiratory infection. The vets at the center decided that the most humane option for Baba was to remove his eyes, as the infection had gone untreated for so long.

Two black cats in a cardboard box, the one on the left has no eyes
Baba (on the left) beside his brother Tamacti (on the right) who never left his side during the recovery from his surgery. Pic credit: @aspca/Instagram.

A strong bond

Cats who are bonded to each other are dependent on one another, they learn from each other, rely on each other for comfort, and love each other. According to the brother’s foster mom Gal:

“Baba calls Tam when he wants him, and Tam comes running.”

If a pair of bonded cats are separated from each other it can lead to depression and behavioral issues in both felines. A cat can become bonded with another even if it is not their sibling from the same litter.

But for Baba and Tamacti, their sibling relationship was so strong that they became bonded together and because of this, it was best to keep them together at all costs.


Baba and Tamacti were fostered for six months before they eventually got adopted together. Sometimes bonded pairs have trouble getting adopted because people are only looking for one cat.

Or people think that a bonded pair wouldn’t be as affectionate to their human owners because they’d have each other. But many people who have adopted bonded pairs refute this. One owner of a bonded pair of cats said:

“Bonded pairs don’t love you any less, in fact you get twice the love!”

And Mary, the woman who adopted Baba and Tamacti can attest to this, she says that it was love at first sight for her, and it’s been all-consuming love ever since. Mary explained how watching the bond between the two brothers is a joy:

“The love between these boys is phenomenal. They even sleep entwined with each other.”

And they keep Mary “amused” with all their mischief!

Two black cats, one is blind, playing with yellow wool.
Looks like Baba and Tamacti stole some of their mom’s wool! Pic credit: @aspca/Instagram.

It didn’t take long for the two brothers to settle into their new home, and now that they have, they never have to leave again.

Two black cats sitting beside each other.
What’s better than one cat? Two cats! Pic credit: @aspca/Instagram.

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