Two pictures side by side: one of cat fur balls in a glass jar, the other a fluffy cat with blue eyes

This cat owner collects her cat’s fur balls in a glass jar as a decoration

Fluffy cats are so beautiful and irresistibly cute, but what are their owners supposed to do about all that extra fur lying around the house and in the cat’s hairbrush? Most people would vacuum it up and toss it out, but not this cat owner. She keeps her cat’s fur balls and turns them into … Read more

A collection of cat figurines.

A couple turns their cat figurine collection into a museum and donates the proceeds to shelters

A cat-loving couple is gaining attention in Wisconsin, United States, the pair has slowly amassed a staggering collection of cat figurines that is on its way to achieving a Guinness World Record. To say Shawn Redner and Hilary Siegel-Redner love cats is an understatement, the couple from Menomonee Falls has rescued 21 cats from the … Read more