Black cat with golden eyes

Cat who needed extra care for his health complications became a foster fail

Marv the cat turned one year old recently. Usually a foster cat would have left his foster home and been adopted into his forever home by now, but Marv was a special case: he was a foster fail. His foster mom, Ella, put a lot of effort into helping him become healthy, and she ended … Read more

Missing cat reappears after fifteen months

Cat returned home to Côtes-d’Armor after being gone for 15 long months

After vanishing 130 kilometers away from home, a black house cat eventually made his way back fifteen months later. His family, stunned by the feline reappearance, shared the fantastic tale. The once-lost pet returned to his hometown Ploumagoar, France, in September 2021 after a long journey across the Finistère region. Like his namesake, the famous … Read more

A missing cat purr helps him return to owner find him

A British woman locates her long-missing cat after hearing his signature purr on the phone

By pure coincidence, a cat owner whose pet had been missing for eight months identified the cat’s voice during a conversation she was having with her veterinarian. This unbelievable circumstance led to the successful reunion of the puss and its owner in Braintree, Essex. Rachael Lawrence lost one of her house cats, Barnaby, some time … Read more