calico adventure cat in a tree

This curious stray cat joins an international nomad couple in their van life travels and never leaves.

International adventuring couple Ladi and Margaret travel the world full-time in their campervan. One day while parked in Croatia, a curious stray cat approached the couple. In a viral video posted on YouTube, this curious, friendly feline had made herself comfortable and at home in their campervan. The couple instantly bonded with the cat and … Read more

A cat sits at the steering wheel of a semi truck

This free-spirited cat loves to travel on the road with her truck-driving parents

David Durst and his partner Destiny are truck drivers by trade and cat lovers at heart. When they decided to search for a cat to adopt, they did not anticipate just how much it would change their lives. In 2019, this truck-driving duo had the idea to adopt a cat to quell the loneliness while … Read more

A black cat sitting on man's shoulder.

Simon the Backpacking Kitty loves to join his dad on his adventures

Simon the Backpacking Kitty is a cat influencer and adventurer. He and his owner, JJ Yosh, love to go on adventures together: traveling, hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, and swimming. They have a strong bond with each other and post pictures and videos of their journeys on Simon’s Instagram. Simon the Cat Influencer JJ was already … Read more

A Highland Lynx/Ragdoll cross cat sits on the grass.

This underweight and depressed rescue cat transformed into a fearless adventuring feline

Ragnar is a stunning-looking cat whose striking appearance is the result of breeding between a Highland Lynx and a Ragdoll. The beautiful cat lives a charmed life thanks to its owner. Despite appearances, Ragnar didn’t always look like the healthy cat that he currently is, the events of his past existence have affected the cat … Read more