meet Hanny, the disabled cat who loves the beach

Disabled Bengal cat still has fun on adventures with her owners

Rescue cat Hanny’s life started with a tragic event. The kitten was only a few hours old when another cat bit her in the back, damaging her lower body. As a result, the cat’s back legs were paralyzed. Still, Hanny’s handicap has not prevented her from living life to the fullest. And she can always … Read more

cat on mans shoulder in forest

This man is on a quest to set a new world record for most countries visited by an adventure cat

Four years ago, in September 2018, a man named Dean left Dunbar, Scotland, with the goal of traveling the world by cycling. After traveling for three months and visiting nine countries, his journey took an unexpected turn when he met his future best friend and adventure cat. Twist of fate As referenced on his website, … Read more

calico adventure cat in a tree

This curious stray cat joins an international nomad couple in their van life travels and never leaves.

International adventuring couple Ladi and Margaret travel the world full-time in their campervan. One day while parked in Croatia, a curious stray cat approached the couple. In a viral video posted on YouTube, this curious, friendly feline had made herself comfortable and at home in their campervan. The couple instantly bonded with the cat and … Read more

A cat sits at the steering wheel of a semi truck

This free-spirited cat loves to travel on the road with her truck-driving parents

David Durst and his partner Destiny are truck drivers by trade and cat lovers at heart. When they decided to search for a cat to adopt, they did not anticipate just how much it would change their lives. In 2019, this truck-driving duo had the idea to adopt a cat to quell the loneliness while … Read more

A black cat sitting on man's shoulder.

Simon the Backpacking Kitty loves to join his dad on his adventures

Simon the Backpacking Kitty is a cat influencer and adventurer. He and his owner, JJ Yosh, love to go on adventures together: traveling, hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, and swimming. They have a strong bond with each other and post pictures and videos of their journeys on Simon’s Instagram. Simon the Cat Influencer JJ was already … Read more

A Highland Lynx/Ragdoll cross cat sits on the grass.

This underweight and depressed rescue cat transformed into a fearless adventuring feline

Ragnar is a stunning-looking cat whose striking appearance is the result of breeding between a Highland Lynx and a Ragdoll. The beautiful cat lives a charmed life thanks to its owner. Despite appearances, Ragnar didn’t always look like the healthy cat that he currently is, the events of his past existence have affected the cat … Read more