This former street cat ‘asked’ for help- see where he is now

In 2019, the people of Flatbush Cats, a TNR (Trap Neuter Return) focused Brooklyn-based charity was in the process of putting out humane cat traps when a street cat started meowing at them looking for help.

This is not a usual occurrence, feral and street cats generally avoid humans which is why traps are needed to catch them. But this cat walked straight into the trap as if he was waiting to be caught so he could get help.

His rescuers named him Teddy because he reminded them of “a worn, raggedy, rat old teddy bear”. Then It was time to get Teddy all cleaned up.

Make him shine

Bathing an adult cat, let alone an un-neutered male street cat, doesn’t sound like an easy task but Teddy seemed to be aptly named.

He let his rescuers at Flatbush Cats bathe him, give him a topical flea treatment, and even let them rub his belly!

This led his rescuers to believe that Teddy must have been owned before and that perhaps he was a stray, lost in the city.

A disheveled looking white and grey cat cuddling into a woman with his arms around her.
Teddy cuddling up to one of the rescuers at Flatbush Cats. Pic credit: @flatbushcats/Instagram.

Teddy was taken to a foster home before he was put up for adoption because, as the video above explains, his vet found a problem with his kidneys.

It turned out he had an obstructed ureter, which can be thought of as the equivalent of kidney stones found in humans.

The obstruction prevents fluid from the kidneys from reaching the bladder, which can cause a significant amount of damage to the kidneys the longer it is obstructed.

Teddy ended up having to get surgery to put in a subcutaneous ureteral bypass, which gave a different route for the fluid from his kidneys to reach his bladder.

The surgery was successful, and after convalescing with his foster parents he was ready to find his forever home.

Brothers for life

Teddy was adopted by a couple who already had another cat named Willie.

A long-haired white cat with green eyes.
Willie was adopted as a senior cat. Pic credit: @willie_and_teddy/Instagram.

They had been looking for another cat for Willie because although they regularly fostered other cats, Willie would always cry and cry whenever they left.

Willie was letting them know he wanted a cat companion, and once the couple heard of Teddy’s story, they knew he’d be the perfect fit.

Two cats sleep on a couch. One is a long-haired white cat, and the other is a white and gray long-haired cat with a damaged ear.
The two cats became fast friends. Pic credit: @willie_and_teddy/Instagram.

And they weren’t wrong, in fact, the couple describes adopting Teddy as a “dual rescue”.

Teddy is no longer living on the streets, and Willie no longer cries.

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