Queen Lily is a 23-year-old calico beauty, who still lives with her owner who adopted her when he was 11

Reece Alexander-Putinas has had his senior cat Lily since his family adopted her in 1999, for Reece, Queen Lily is his soulmate.

She has been by his side since he was 11 years old. They have been together through all of life’s ups and downs and are each other’s, constant companions.

The royal treatment

It’s not just luck that has made Queen Lily live this long, she has a dedicated carer in her owner Reece.

As she has gotten older she has needed more adjustments to her daily life, like steps leading up to the bed so she can cuddle with ease.

Reese also makes sure everything she needs is close at hand so she doesn’t need to travel far for food and water.

She gets regular assessments from the vets, and despite the hate that Reese gets from social media claiming that Lily is suffering, she is not.

Her distinct walk is most likely from a stroke that happened years ago, she is on medication for high blood pressure, and although she has recently been diagnosed with stage 3 kidney disease her vets believe that she still has at least one or two years of good life left in her.

Happy cat, happy life

The most important thing for Reece is that Lily is not suffering.

Lily had a younger sibling named Rosie that lived until she was 16 years old until her health got to the point where she was starting to suffer.

So Reece made the best decision for Rosie and let her be at peace despite the heartbreak it cause.

Two tortoiseshell cats sit in a pink bed.
Rosie relaxing with her sister Lily. Pic credit: @queen_lily_99/Instagram.

Reece is well aware of the responsibility we have to our pets to keep them happy and healthy. When Lily’s time comes he will do what’s best for her too. But for now, he gets to spoil her and make sure she is the happiest and healthiest she can be.

Lily gets plenty of enrichment and exercise from playtime and being outside in her garden.

With age, Queen Lily has been even more demanding of Reece’s affections, and he is more than happy to oblige.

A tortoiseshell cat sleeps on a blue blanket.
Queen Lily snoozing on her throne. Pic credit: @queen_lily_99/Instagram.

Reece’s life revolves around Lily and the precious time he gets to spend with her, he makes sure to take advantage of every moment.

Their relationship is a beautiful example of how strong a bond can be between a cat and its owner.

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