This free-spirited cat loves to travel on the road with her truck-driving parents

David Durst and his partner Destiny are truck drivers by trade and cat lovers at heart. When they decided to search for a cat to adopt, they did not anticipate just how much it would change their lives.

In 2019, this truck-driving duo had the idea to adopt a cat to quell the loneliness while on the road. Working long hours driving cross country is not for the faint of heart.

When they adopted their cat Tora, they immediately noticed her flat facial features and thought her traits were endearing. The duo fell in love with her at first sight.

Hitting the road

David and Destiny travel and drive across all 48 states in the continental United States. Life on the road is tough, with time off to return home only every five to eight weeks.

In a heartwarming video on YouTube, David recalls taking Tora on her first adventure from Florida to Minnesota. As a kitten, Tora adjusted well to life on the road in an eighteen-wheeler.

This free-spirited cat is up for any adventure. From riding shotgun and watching other drivers to walking on her leash, she’s up for anything.

A typical day

A typical day involves the trio waking up before the sun rises and going for a quick walk or playing outside for fifteen minutes. Then, it’s time to hit the pavement and drive for a four-hour stretch before taking another break.

Next, it’s a thirty-minute break, then driving another six hours. While David is driving, Destiny and Tora keep him company.

Truck driving is a sedentary lifestyle, driving ten to fourteen-hour days leaves little room for activity.

Tora’s positive impact

Having Tora in their lives helps remind the duo to be more active and take their daily steps. Having this free-spirited cat on the road with them provides companionship and fun.

Tora does quite well traveling. She loves to sit in the front passenger seat, take cat naps, shotgun or play with her toys on the road.

The family of three has traveled across the country. Tora’s visited such destinations as the White Sands National Monument in New Mexico, the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, and much more.

She and her parents are not slowing down anytime soon.

Wrap up

Having a demanding job with little room for self-care or activity can be challenging to say the least. Adopting Tora gave truck driving duo David and Destiny a new perspective on making life on the road an adventure.

While earning a living, this pair adopted a free-spirited cat to share their journey and provide companionship. This adventurous cat helped bring out the best in them.

From getting more exercise daily to sharing memorable destinations across the country, this special feline brought immense joy to their lives. She’s a ray of sunshine while on the road.

You can follow Tora, “the trucker cat,” and her parents in their adventures on the road on Instagram.

Does your furry friend keep you company while at work?

How has your cat changed your outlook on life?

Share your thoughts, and remember to share this story with a friend.

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