Woman agrees to foster abandoned cat who has surprise birth days later

A cat was rescued and brought into a foster home just in the nick of the time. She gave birth to a litter of kittens just a few days later.

When Smokey’s family moved, they left her behind. The poor cat was found in Brisbane, AU. Smokey is believed to have been a victim of the “rental crisis.”

A worldwide issue where renters are being priced out of their apartments and forced to leave pets behind for cheaper apartments that don’t allow pets.

A new chance

A kind woman decided to foster Smokey, who was in the care of Best Friends Felines, after hearing her heartbreaking story.

She had no idea that she was agreeing to foster an entire family of cats rather than a single one.

Smokey’s belly began to bulge over time, and her foster mom began to suspect that she was pregnant.

That woman wasn’t able to provide the around-the-clock care needed when fostering a pregnant cat, so Smokey was transferred to a maternity foster.

“At her first vet visit, the vet determined that she’s had several litters before, but this will be her last. She is super sweet and smoochy. Her fur is so soft like cotton candy,” Best Friends Felines said, according to Love Meow.

Smokey was very happy in her pregnancy suite. She settled right in and could often be found plopped over on her side, welcoming belly rubs.

Smokey started to nest a few days after she arrived. The kitty was very snuggly in the days before giving birth.

She gave birth the next day and had four sweet little fur babies. Smokey immediately took up mommy duties with feeding and cleaning her children.

“We have four perfect little ones–two girls (a dilute tortie and a torbie) and two boys (solid grey and grey tabby). Smokey is doing great and is a very doting mother.”

Mamma Smokey has been getting around-the-clock breakfast in-bed treatment since she is nursing. She refuses to leave her kittens even for a moment.

Thanks to Smokey and her foster mom Kerry, the kittens are on track with their weights and are thriving. Smokey couldn’t be more grateful to have given birth in a safe and comfy place.

A safe and comfy place

She was so grateful that when Kerry was asked to care for a new set of neonatal kittens, she took on the three babies on as her own. They are now one big happy family of seven.

Once Smokey’s kittens are old enough to be weaned, they will be adopted into their own cozy forever homes. This will be Smokey’s last litter. She will also be adopted and spend the rest of her life being doted on.

Follow Smokey and her kittens on the Best Friends Felines Facebook and Instagram pages.

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