This Instagram community is here to express their love of Bengal cats

Club Bengals is an Instagram community that was created to show their appreciation for Bengal cats. They post a few pictures and videos each day of these spunky cats, showing off how funny, graceful, and cute they can be.

The description on the account says that it is β€œThe official bengals lovers account” and a β€œhome for Bengal lovers.” Here, people who own Bengal cats, or even people who are just fans of them, can share pictures and videos for the rest of the community to enjoy.

All about Bengals

Bengal cats are a breed with strong, agile bodies and beautiful rosette patterns on their fur. They look like miniature wild cats straight from the jungle.

Many of the posts by Club Bengals focus on their agility and the crazy feats they can perform, and many are aesthetic pictures of their breathtaking coat patterns

Bengal cats are also described as affectionate animals. They like to cuddle, but they especially like to play, since they have a lot of energy and are a very active cat breed. They are also very intelligent, which, when mixed with their high-energy nature, creates a recipe for havoc when they get bored. An article on says:

β€œBored bengal cats can also adopt some unconventional (and slightly destructive) habits, including: turning light switches on and off, fishing seals out of drains and excitedly plucking CDs from your DVD player.”

It sounds no one could ever get bored with a Bengal cat around! No wonder Club Bengals doesn’t get tired of finding pictures and videos of all sorts of exciting Bengal cat moments. There is plenty of content that shows Bengal cats playing, making messes, and doing other fun and crazy things.

Because of their intelligence, Bengal cats are quite good at learning and performing tricks. And you can bet that Club Bengals highlights this aspect of the cats in their content too.

Bengal cats are also a water-loving breed, and they enjoy climbing too. This makes them perfect for going on adventures outdoors, or just for playing in tubs and on cat trees indoors. It’s so fun to watch these cats doing the things they love.

Bengal cats everywhere!

Club Bengals currently has 47K followers, and there are even more Bengal cats than that worldwide. According to Bengal Cat Republic, they are the eighth most popular breed in the United States, where the breed originated. They are even more popular in the United Kingdom, ranked as the fifth most popular. Bengal Cat Republic says:

“Currently, in the world there are estimated to be around 500,000-1,200,000 bengal cats.”

That’s a lot of Bengal cats! And there are a lot of Bengal cat lovers, too. It’s so fun that Club Bengals provides a place for all these people to show their love for their favorite cats.

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