Cat becomes seeing eye cat for kitten friend

Thanks to his seeing-eye-cat Waffles, a blind kitty Mochi has learned to fearlessly navigate the world. Mochi was only 4-weeks-old when he was brought to Saving Grace Rescue in San Fransisco, CA.

The kitten had a severe eye infection that caused him to lose sight in both of his eyes. Still, Mochi had a fighting spirit and was a very vocal cat.

He happily settled into his new home with his rescuers. But Mochi was terrified of independence since he couldn’t see.

A friend in need

He always wanted to be around his foster parents and be nuzzled up close to them where he felt safe. Over time, it became obvious that Mochi needed a playmate.

Saving Grace Rescue came across the perfect companion for Mochi when a tabby kitten named waffles arrived. The poor kitty was covered in dirt and needed some loving care.

Eventually, Waffles was paired with Mochi. The kittens became instant besties.

“They became fast friends. Waffles is very gentle with Mochi. They love playing with each other and absolutely love cuddles,” their foster mom Joyce told Love Meow.

The closer that Waffles and Mochi got, the more confidence Mochi began to have. He felt more comfortable leaving his cozy bed area to explore around him.

“Mochi has been getting braver as he navigates around our house, and Waffles has been helping him learn how to get on and off the bed, and how to go down the stairs,” Joyce said.

The seeing-eye cat

Waffles has basically become Mochi’s seeing-eye cat. Wherever Waffles goes, Mochi will follow.

They’ll play with new toys and check out what’s going on around the foster house with the other animals. But mostly, they just like to cuddle together.

And these two are some serious purring machines. They purr like crazy when someone picks them up and absolutely adore people, dogs, and other cats.

Waffle and Mochi are just absolutely in love with each other. Mochi has never been so happy and active since his buddy Waffles came around.

They will spend a little bit more time in foster care. They still have to be neutered. But Joyce says they should be available for adoption soon.

Waffles and Mochi are being put up for adoption as a pair because it’s pretty clear how much they love and need each other.

You can watch out for Waffles and Mochi updates at @kangaroothekitty on Instagram.

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