This kitten looks just like masked hero Zorro

An adorable kitten who bears a striking resemblance to the masked hero Zorro has captured hearts and found viral fame.

The mixed Persian kitten named Boy lives with his owner Indraini Wahyudin Noo in Indonesia and gained an adoring audience when Noo shared pictures of his pet with unusual markings on social media.

Uncanny resemblance

The nine-month-old kitten was born with distinct markings around his eyes that perfectly mimic the shape of a black eye mask. His unusual look has now earned him the nickname Zorro kitten, with the internet finding a lot of humor in the little kitty’s resemblance to the celebrated fictional rogue Zorro.

A worthy namesake

The character of Zorro debuted within Johnston McCulley’s 1919 novel The Curse of Capistrano and was later immortalized on screen by Antonio Banderas in the 1998 film The Mask of Zorro.

The masked vigilante is known for his daring swashbuckling and so the small kitten’s comparison to this brave hero has brought great joy and amusement to all who have seen him.

Masked hero in action

The online publication Caters News first covered the feel-good story and shared an adorable video of Boy enjoying his daily life, unaware that his unique markings had transformed him into a viral star.

In the video, the kitten is seen lounging at home, listening curiously to his owner whistling a tune, showing no interest in taking on any daring adventures.

‘He’s my favorite cat!’

Boy’s owner Indraini Wahyudin Noo told Caters News that though he has many cats, the adorable little Persian kitten has stolen his heart in a way that the others haven’t. He admitted to doting on the nine-month-old kitten and giving him extra attention, attention which the little Persian mix has now come to expect. Noo told the online publication:

“I have many cats but this is the only one who has a mask on his face. He’s my favorite cat! He is a very spoiled cat, he always wants to be petted, cuddled, and held. He likes to play a lot but he hates being bathed each week.”

Honoring his namesake

The little kitten has been enjoying the music of his namesake, as Noo also told Caters News that he has great fun playing Zorro-inspired tunes for Boy, saying:

“I also think he looks just like Zorro, and I think he likes regularly listening to the Zorro music. People who see him for the first time usually say that he’s unique and cute and that he looks just like Zorro. “

A hero’s future

Given the outpouring of love that Zorro-look-alike Boy has received from all over the world, there is no doubt that his adoring fans will be excited to see what future adventures the pint-sized hero gets into.

You can watch a video of the unusually marked kitten’s cute antics below.

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