Kitten's confusion with sparkling water delights Tiktok

Kitten captivated by bottle of sparkling water charms Tiktok

More than two million people worldwide have been captivated by a Tiktok clip that shows a cat finding a novelty:  a bottle of sparkling water. The cat’s fascination with the bottle had viewers amused. The video has gained widespread attention and made many people laugh out loud. Laurie Baltazar is the proud owner of a … Read more

This kitten looks just like masked hero Zorro

An adorable kitten who bears a striking resemblance to the masked hero Zorro has captured hearts and found viral fame. The mixed Persian kitten named Boy lives with his owner Indraini Wahyudin Noo in Indonesia and gained an adoring audience when Noo shared pictures of his pet with unusual markings on social media. Uncanny resemblance … Read more