Falling kitten lands on police agent’s head and gets lucky

A traffic police agent was on patrol when a startling incident occurred and changed the course of an otherwise usual evening. This night, a cat fell on the police agent.

That’s one workmate the office didn’t plan on taking on the road.

Cats have earned the deep respect and affection of their owners for numerous reasons. One of these is the felines’ fierce individualism and strong will.

If you’ve ever spent any time around cats, you know they’re very particular about their needs. You can count on a cat to do whatever it takes to get its way.

The following story sounds like a feline take on the inaugural episode of Miami Vice but it actually occurred in Lomza, a Polish city located roughly 90 miles north-northeast of Warsaw.

On September 15, a cat quite literally fell from the sky. The puss then landed on top of the head of a Lomza traffic officer who was working the night shift.

How did the kitten end up on someone’s head? The lithe creature was attempting to climb a tree nearby, but it leaped on a shaky branch and lost its balance.

Hence, the kitty fell off the tree instead. Below, a police agent was busy chatting with a car driver during a control. As a result, the flying moggy landed on the officer.

Fortunately, neither the kitty nor the police officer was injured during this incident. Moreover, the moggy chose the best possible ‘landing pad’ as the said officer took great care of it.

This cat fell into the right hands

According to the Polish police, the animal was initially scared but the agent present on the scene quickly reassured it. This critter remained in the police till the end of the shift, even sitting on one of the officers’ laps.

From its tree mishap, things would only improve for the kitten. The police officer it landed on decided to adopt the cat.

They named him Znajda. Settled in his new residence, Znajda is now enjoying the warm radiance of a fireplace and a loving family.

Much better than a wobbly tree, the kitten would probably say. Who knows?  If Znajda’s new master frequently brings him on the job, the cat might follow the steps of other famous kittens and become a police mascot.

On their website, the Lomza police shared pictures of the rescue kitty and released an official statement regarding the incident, concluding:

“Traffic police remind us that no two car checks are the same. What happened Saturday night, they could not have foreseen”

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