A woman and her dog in Wales found a cat left in a sealed box during a stroll in Wales

A woman out walking her dog came upon a cat that had been abandoned in a box covered with tape and locked from the outside. Afterward, a local animal rights group took care of the rescued animal.

 Along with a request for witnesses to provide their testimony, an investigation ensued to find the culprit behind such an act.

On Tuesday, July 26, in Merthyr Tydfil, a small town in South Wales, a  lady went for her usual dog walk. It was past one in the afternoon when the dog became agitated.

He wouldn’t stop barking on the deserted curb. Following the puppy’s direction, the Welsh lady spotted a box sitting by the roadside.

Intrigued, she approached the box hermetically sealed with industrial tape. As her dog kept barking, the woman opened the mysterious package to an unfortunate discovery.

Inside the container were food, alcoholic beverages, and, shockingly, a tabby kitten. As a result, the appalled dog owner dashed to the nearest animal shelter, the local branch of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

At the animal refuge, they took care of the abandoned kitten. Wales 247 revealed that the puss had no serious injuries but suffered from oral viruses, for which it received a prescription.

Withal, the animal welfare organization’s investigator, Sophie Daniels, expressed her gratitude to the good samaritan who brought the cat to safety.

” We are really thankful to them for bringing this cat to us,” Daniels said

Pets dumping in summer

In light of the situation, The RSPCA has issued a witness call to investigate the circumstances surrounding the ostensible abandonment of the animal. Sophie Daniels requests that anybody with relevant information get in touch with her team.

Summer tends to go in hand with massive numbers of households giving up their pets. Some owners try to bring their unwanted critters to shelters, yet others opt for questionable methods.

During these hot months, tens of thousands of pets are abandoned on roadways in dangerous situations. Therefore, these animals, used to the comfort of a home, suddenly have to fend for themselves.

In many countries, the local law considers leaving a pet on the road as an act of cruelty punishable by a hefty fine (up to thousands of dollars) or even jail time.

To fight this phenomenon, animal associations have been releasing numerous initiatives. In this manner, an association has launched a site to aid pet owners in planning vacation trips without having to let go of their animals.

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