This man dedicates his life to saving the lives of cats with special needs

In a heartwarming video on YouTube, Darryl Roberts, founder and executive director of SNAP Cats, shares his journey and mission to help save the lives of special needs cats. He eloquently describes the impact these animals have had on his life and the volunteer members of the team.

Special indeed

Roberts founded the SNAP Cats rescue and sanctuary in 2013 to provide special needs cats the love and care they deserve until they find their forever home. The SNAP acronym stands for Special Needs Animals are Precious.

Based in Sonoma County, California, this nonprofit organization houses approximately fifty cats at a time. There are also campuses in Santa Rosa and Sebastopol.

For felines with conditions ranging from blindness and deafness to “wobbly cats” with cerebellar hypoplasia, this organization provides a safe space they can reside in.

This organization has greatly impacted the community as they have found homes for more than five hundred cats. 

The nonprofit organization is committed to providing everything a cat needs. From high-quality food, medical checkups, treatments, and daily tender loving care, each cat has the opportunity to live a full, quality life.

Unfortunate reality

The unpleasant statistics concerning animals getting euthanized are a sad reality. Although Roberts sees the value in these extraordinary felines, many others do not. According to the ASPCA, approximately 920,000 animals are euthanized yearly.

Many shelters are not no-kill shelters. And sadly, special needs cats are often the first to be euthanized.

Potential adoptees often feel like these special needs animals are not adoptable. And other pet parents unwilling to care for special needs animals often dump or surrender their pets.

Local shelters often lack the means, space, and ability to adequately care for senior and special needs pets.


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Finding a solution

With his mission to rescue special needs cats from around the world, SNAP Cats provides these special felines with a warm, loving environment to call home. All cats, regardless of ailment, deserve to be loved and given a safe home.

All of the SNAP Cats at the sanctuary are available for adoption. If the animals don’t get adopted, they can still live out the remainder of their natural lives in a peaceful, healthy, serene environment.


Stanley is a very loving kitty looking for his forever home #catsoftiktok #fyp #ca #snapcats #specialneedscat #adopt

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Giving back

Some people that visit the sanctuary express how sorry they feel for the animals. However, Roberts quickly reminds them not to feel sorry for the cats as they don’t feel sorry for themselves. 

Roberts and his volunteers have learned much from interacting and caring for animals.

Despite their impaired mobility issues or conditions, these animals are grateful to be cared for and loved. They find a way to keep moving forward and living life the best way possible.

How they continue to persevere inspires everyone around them, including the volunteers.


Tyson is up for adoption at our shelter. Link in bio to donate or adopt! #fyp #catsoftiktok #specialneedscat #adopt #donate #cats #shelter #ca

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Wrap up

One man with a big heart decided to make it his mission to provide a solution to a big problem in animal shelters. The excessive number of unnecessary euthanizing of special needs animals was unacceptable.

Forming a cat sanctuary dedicated to giving these cats the dignity and respect to live out their lives in peace, safety, and unconditional love is immeasurable. These animals now have hope for a real future to live a full life. 

You can see which animals are available for adoption by following SNAP Cat rescue on Facebook, Tik Tok, or Instagram. Read more about SNAP Cat by visiting their website.

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