A two legged tabby cat standing up next to a picture of the same cat hunched over.

Two-legged cat looks like a fluffy velociraptor

If you quickly glanced at Duck, you’d think you were looking at a raccoon with his big bushy tail or a velociraptor with its hunched-over frame. But Duck is a two-legged cat. The double amputee rescue cat gets around on her two back legs. Duck has lots of adorable nicknames, including “fluffy velociraptor,” “little T-Rex,” … Read more

A paraplegic orange tabby cat sits on his front paws with his back legs in a split

This paraplegic cat can get around incredibly fast on just his two front paws

George is a very fast cat that loves to sprint around his house. And the ginger cat does it with just his front two legs since he is paraplegic. The orphaned cat is currently being fostered by UC Davis students Natalie Laurie and Claire Chung. The women came across George through the Orphan Kitty Project. … Read more

sphynx cat

This ‘bat cat’ with hydrocephalus finds a loving home to live its best life

Meet Lucy, the special needs Sphynx cat with hydrocephalus. The hairless feline got the nickname Lucy “the bat cat,” because she resembles the nocturnal animal with an oversized skull and big bulbous eyes. Coincidently, these unusual traits are the same aspects that captivated Lucy’s mother’s attention when she adopted her. This special feline found a … Read more

Special needs cat with wheels

This man dedicates his life to saving the lives of cats with special needs

In a heartwarming video on YouTube,¬†Darryl Roberts, founder and executive director of SNAP Cats, shares his journey and mission to help save the lives of special needs cats. He eloquently describes the impact these animals have had on his life and the volunteer members of the team. Special indeed Roberts founded the SNAP Cats rescue … Read more

Meet Dapper Daniel Diapurrman – a special needs cat who has an incredible owner

Dapper Dan the Diapurrman was rescued from the streets with his siblings when he was six weeks old. The kittens were brought to a shelter where it was discovered that Dan was dragging his back legs. Once volunteers at the shelter realized that Dan’s back legs were paralyzed, they called The Orphan Kitten Club to … Read more

asthmatic cat receives inhaler by owner

This doting father hatched a plan to give his asthmatic cat the best quality of life

As cat parents, you want the best quality of life for your furry family members. So when John discovered his tabby Liam received a diagnois as an asthmatic cat, he decided to take action. In a viral video post on YouTube, the father of two cats, John, shares his backstory. He shares his home with … Read more

This cat went from feral and aggressive to a sweet cuddle bug – all it took was love

Joey was found by his owner Grace at a shelter when he was around 4-7 years old. He was born with a congenital defect which meant that his two front legs didn’t fully form. When he was found he tested positive for Feline Scabies, or mange, which is a highly contagious skin disease so he … Read more

Special needs kitten was given a week to live – now she’s 5 years old thanks to her amazing mom

When Mira was just four weeks old she was brought, along with her sister and birth mom, to be fostered at what would turn out to be her forever home. The kittens were not expected to live, the were severely sick with upper respiratory infections and had trouble breathing and feeding. “I was asked to … Read more